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New Benchmark in Imaging from SAR Microsatellites: ICEYE Presents 25 cm Azimuth Resolution

ICEYE has unveiled its latest capability of 25 cm resolution imaging with small synthetic-aperture radar (SAR)...

12 mins read
ICEYE SAR Videos Published: Technical Insights and Highlights

ICEYE has expanded its radar imaging capabilities with an in-orbit demonstration of SAR videos. ICEYE’s small SAR...

14 mins read
Supporting Remote Fishery Patrols to Effectively Stop IUU Fishing Activities

New Earth observation technologies assist in patrolling distant-water fishing activities by detecting suspect...

9 mins read
Aerospace Engineer Zainab Saleem: Satellites, Women’s Empowerment and STEM

Overcoming obstacles to develop and launch satellites is about the personal journeys of those involved, as much as...

9 mins read
Turning over a New Leaf for Agricultural Financing with Frequent Crop Monitoring from Space

Radar satellite technology enables valuable new solutions for improving agricultural governance and risk management...

6 mins read
Timely SAR Data Speeds Up Marine Oil Spill Response: Two Example Cases

Fast access to radar satellite imaging enables timely detection and validation of oil spills in open waters, thus...

7 mins read
Space Is Hard — New Space Is Changing the Way the Industry Thinks About Satellite Missions

100% of satellite missions eventually come to an end. New Space thinking is changing the way individual satellite...

7 mins read
SAR Satellite Data Paves Way Towards New Parametric Flood Insurance Products

New radar satellite imaging technologies are ideal for developing highly competitive parametric insurance products...

6 mins read
How to Address Illegal Fishing in Asia with Actionable Satellite Data

As the current methods for detecting, monitoring and acting on suspicious fishing activity are limited, new radar...

6 mins read