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ICEYE Flood Insights

Strengthen flood resilience with satellite-powered insights & impact monitoring

Leverage the world's largest constellation of SAR satellites to support community flood response, recovery, and mitigation.

Assess the true impact of local flooding within hours

ICEYE’s Flood Insights solution is the world’s first always-on flood monitoring tool developed for the public sector. It combines satellite remote sensing with observational ground truth to deliver GIS-ready flood intel within hours. Visualize flood depth/extent data with building footprints to quickly assess local impacts and coordinate resources. Give your emergency managers the situational awareness they need to lead data-driven flood response efforts.


Improve situational awareness

Visualize hyperlocal flood impacts in near real-time to confidently deploy resources on the ground. ICEYE synthesizes data from satellites, ground-truth observations, and third-party sources to deliver actionable insights within hours.


Optimize emergency response

Equip various agencies with a single source of truth using ICEYE's GIS-enabled flood insights. Rather than wait days or more for outside help, ICEYE empowers emergency managers to take action by leading data-driven recovery efforts.


Strengthen community resilience

Modernize your disaster response and mitigation with always-on satellite monitoring from ICEYE. With access to GIS-enabled flood intelligence, your leaders can better protect their most vulnerable communities and infrastructure.

Flood Resilience Whitepaper

9 Ways Satellite Data Can Power Community Flood Resilience

Learn how city, state, and federal governments are leveraging near real-time analytics from commercial satellites to power their community flood response, recovery, and mitigation efforts.

Replace legacy flood modeling with satellite-based monitoring

Equip your agencies with GIS-compatible insights on flood depth, extent, and building impacts – all within hours of a flood's peak.

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Strengthen community flood resilience with ICEYE

Government solutions

Insights powered by observation

ICEYE generates near real-time flood intelligence through a combination of remote sensing satellites, observational ground truth, and sophisticated third-party data sets. Unlike traditional flood modeling, ICEYE creates flood maps using real observation data instead of what-if projections. This allows us to deliver GIS-ready depth, extent, and impact data layers your teams can trust.


Observe floods day or night, even through cloud cover

SAR satellite imagery

1. Remote-sensing satellites

Operating the world's largest SAR satellite constellation allows ICEYE to deliver unprecedented local insights on a global scale. With 30+ satellites, rapid tasking, and 4x (or more) daily re-visits, our natural disaster monitoring is always on.

2. Multi-source analysis

While SAR satellites power all our government solutions, the remote sensing data is only one source of the final output. ICEYE's Flood Insights also incorporate intel from several other sources, including local observations, river gauges, and third-party data sets. This near real-time holistic analysis yields actionable flood intel your teams can trust.

3. GIS-ready insights

ICEYE delivers GIS-ready flood intelligence to support rapid disaster response and recovery. Leverage your existing GIS suite to view, analyze, and operationalize a single source of truth across multiple agencies on the ground. Initial insights are ready within hours and then updated 1x daily as a flood evolves.

Flood intelligence briefings

Explore ICEYE's most popular flood briefings, including expert analysis and satellite-powered visualizations from major flood events around the world.

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Other perils


Wildfire monitoring

Respond to wildfires in innovative ways by leveraging ICEYE’s unique persistent monitoring capabilities.



Wind monitoring

Gain access to situational and near real-time damage data related to storms that occur across the globe.



Earthquake monitoring

Embrace a proactive approach with ICEYE’s actionable insights before, during and after an earthquake.


How can ICEYE support your flood resilience?