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Strengthen community resilience with satellite-powered disaster impact monitoring

Leverage near real-time geospatial insights to assess the true impact of natural disasters at the community level.


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Blue Horizons

A new series presented by the World Ocean Council, produced by BBC Storyworks Commercial Productions, explores the vital connection between the oceans and our planet. Watch the 5-minute ICEYE episode to see how ICEYE’s technology is building resilience against climate-related challenges.

Assess natural disaster impacts as they unfold

By operating the world's largest constellation of SAR satellites, ICEYE enables government agencies to monitor the near real-time impact and extent of natural disasters at the community level. Transform your government-led disaster response, recovery, and mitigation efforts with uninterrupted visibility on the ground – day or night, and in any weather conditions.


Improve situational awareness

Satellite-based insights enable government agencies to understand community impacts as a disaster unfolds. Visualize observational data and vulnerable properties in near real-time for unparalleled situational awareness on the ground.


Optimize emergency response

Rather than wait days or more for outside help, ICEYE empowers emergency managers to proactively lead disaster response and recovery efforts. Arm your teams with a single source of truth using GIS-enabled disaster intelligence.


Strengthen community resilience

With access to reliable disaster impact data in near real-time, your government can better protect its most vulnerable communities, assets, and infrastructure. Discover how ICEYE can enhance local recovery and resilience efforts.

Flood Resilience eBook

9 Ways Satellite Data Can Power Local Flood Response, Recovery, & Resilience

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Improve community resilience with ICEYE

Government solutions for disaster response & recovery

Optimize disaster response & recovery

Discover how ICEYE's rapid geospatial intelligence can improve government-led disaster response efforts and improve community resilience in a changing climate.


Accelerate resources & relief

Building-level disaster insights allow state, local, and federal governments to quickly support affected communities. With actionable GIS data, leaders can better optimize their emergency planning across various agencies and locations.


Enhance recovery outcomes

With access to reliable disaster impact data in near real-time, your government can better protect its most vulnerable communities, assets, and infrastructure. Discover how ICEYE can improve local recovery and resilience efforts.


Strengthen financial resilience

Enable rapid payouts to displaced families and businesses by using ICEYE data to fuel new parametric and community-based insurance. These innovative programs can provide essential aid long before federal disaster funds arrive.


Transform community planning

ICEYE's disaster insights support more than just emergency response. By sharing GIS-enabled intel across agencies, you can inform community resilience projects for utilities, water supplies, infrastructure, hospitals, and more.

Monitor impacts from active floods & wildfires

ICEYE's natural disaster intelligence suite helps government agencies manage and mitigate catastrophes and build more resilient communities. Discover how sharing GIS-compatible insights across teams can optimize emergency management and response on the ground. Learn more about ICEYE's Flood Insights and Wildfire Insights now.

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Browse our library of government-focused research and insights provided by ICEYE experts.


Geospatial Insights

Unlock the power of ICEYE's disaster insights on Esri's ArcGIS

Learn how ICEYE's global, near real-time flood insights are delivered directly to government agencies inside ArcGIS.

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