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ICEYE Flood insights

Get accurate flood water damage during weather events across the globe

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Near real-time NatCat insights with cloud-penetrating satellites

Closing the information gap for the insurance sector

With reliable data for flood depth, extent, and duration, within hours of a given flood peak.


Innovating flood risk management for P&C insurance

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Stay ahead & respond faster with building-level flood hazard data

ICEYE Flood Insights is the world’s first global and always-on data utility developed for the unique needs of the insurance sector. Empowered by the world's largest constellation of cloud-penetrating satellites, we enable our clients to accurately and quickly size damage, streamline the claims process, build new products like parametric offerings and move into untapped markets.


Actionable insights

ICEYE bridges the gap between information and actionable data by combining imagery with multiple auxiliary information sources to create fully operationalized flood hazard insights.


Real-time situational awareness

We provide near real-time data for flood depth, extent, and duration, within hours of a given flood peak, empowering our clients to calculate losses, manage their risks, and carry out disaster response efforts more effectively.


Always-on, persistent monitoring

Our SAR technology allows our clients to see through darkness and clouds, offering a reliable and consistent method of measuring and reporting flood hazard data before, during, and after the occurrence of a flood event.

Major flood briefings

Explore our collection of near real-time flood mapping and analysis from across the globe.

July 2024


Flooding in Midwest US

Download ICEYE's flood briefing on the flooding in the Midwest US in July 2024.

September 2023


Flooding from Hurricane Idalia in Southeast US

View ICEYE's flood briefing on the flooding from Hurricane Idalia in Southeast US from September 2023.

July 2023


Flooding in Northeast US

View ICEYE's flood briefing on the flooding in Northeast US from July 2023.

Obtain a new level of situational awareness

ICEYE generates near real-time flood intelligence through a combination of remote sensing satellites, observational ground truth, and sophisticated third-party data sets. Unlike traditional flood modeling, ICEYE creates flood maps using real observation data instead of what-if projections. This allows us to deliver GIS-ready depth, extent, and impact intel your teams can trust.


Observe floods day or night, even through cloud cover

SAR satellite imagery

1. Remote-sensing satellites

Operating the world's largest SAR satellite constellation allows ICEYE to deliver unprecedented local insights on a global scale. With 30+ satellites, rapid tasking, and 4x (or more) daily re-visits, our natural disaster monitoring is always on.

2. Multi-source analysis

Our Flood Insights product combines ICEYE’s radar satellite imagery with an abundance of third-party data, algorithms, and machine learning, supported by a team of experts from the fields of meteorology and advanced geospatial analytics.

3. Actionable intelligence

Depending on the individual needs of each customer organization, we deliver an actionable output of flood depth and extent data that can seamlessly flow into the business and portfolio systems that insurance companies use today.

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Other perils


Wildfire Monitoring

Respond to wildfires in innovative ways by leveraging ICEYE’s unique persistent monitoring capabilities.



Wind Monitoring

Gain access to situational and near real-time damage data related to storms that occur across the globe.



Earthquake Monitoring

Embrace a proactive approach with ICEYE’s actionable insights before, during and after an earthquake.


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