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ICEYE in Short

ICEYE empowers others to make better decisions in governmental and commercial industries by providing access to timely and reliable satellite imagery.

Timely & Reliable Data Delivery

The company is tackling this crucial lack of actionable information with world-first aerospace capabilities and a New Space approach. ICEYE’s radar satellite imaging service, with coverage of selected areas every few hours, both day and night, helps clients resolve challenges in sectors such as maritime, disaster management, insurance, finance, security and intelligence. ICEYE is the first organization in the world to successfully launch synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) satellites with a launch mass under 100 kg.

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As a part of ICEYE's New Space approach, ICEYE is a partner of several New Space technology, Earth observation and GIS organisations around the world. Together and with these partnerships, ICEYE is able to deliver world-first capabilities in Earth observation.

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