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Imaging modes

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Get unprecedented visibility and flexibility with Dwell, Spot, Strip, and Scan imaging modes. Monitor areas up to 84,000 km² and zoom in to areas of interest at very high resolution down to 50 cm – day, night, and in any weather.

Made for change detection

SAR satellites are designed for change detection, and our unique Dwell, Spot, Strip, and Scan modes give you the flexibility to monitor large areas and zoom into areas of interest at very high resolution as needed.


Dwell modes

Dwell modes help extract unmatched critical information from a single image. See every detail in incredible clarity with enhanced image quality, superior information congestion and reduced noise.

Ground resolutions: 50 cm and 1 m
Scene size: 5 km x 5 km


Spot modes

Spot enables very high resolution (up to 50 cm) and the largest available scene size for detailed monitoring. Use Spot modes for object identification and highly detailed change detection.

Ground resolution: up to 50 cm
Scene size: up to 15 km x 15 km


Strip mode

Strip is perfect for detecting changes to vast sea and land areas. Use Strip mode to see and respond to natural disasters and illegal activities, and to persistently monitor borders, coastal areas, or any location of interest.

Ground resolution: 3 m
Scene size: 30 x 50 km

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Scan mode

Scan can cover an area of up to 840 km by 100 km. Scan mode is particularly effective for acquiring wide coverage imagery for maritime use cases, where national security authorities and maritime safety officials need persistent visibility.

Ground resolution: 15 m
Scene size: 840 km x 100 km

Powered by a unique antenna

The antenna on ICEYE’s SAR satellites is designed to enable a completely new level of flexibility and timely access to reliable change detection data. It’s an electronically steered phased array that can be controlled with software to make the beam point in a range of directions as needed.

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SAR data brochure

Learn more about ICEYE SAR satellite data for persistent monitoring, and specific imaging modes.



Product documentation

The product documentation describes ICEYE SAR product specifications, image ordering process, and related support information.



Example datasets

Download free examples of ICEYE SAR data for all ICEYE imaging modes, available in a standard customer delivery package.

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