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ESA third party mission data

ICEYE is providing its SAR satellite data via ESA’s Earthnet Third Party Mission (TPM). Through this programme, ESA allows sponsored access to ICEYE’s SAR data for scientific research and Earth Observation (EO) based application development.

What data can I get from ICEYE?

Researchers gain access to ICEYE's full archive and can order new data acquisitions. ICEYE data is available in Single Look Complex (SLC) and Ground Range Detected (GRD) processing levels in the following imaging modes:


Dwell mode

Ground resolution: 1 m
Scene size: 5 km x 5 km


Spot modes

Ground resolution: up to 50 cm
Scene size: up to 15 km x 15 km


Strip mode

Ground resolution: 3 m
Scene size: 30 x 50 km

scan copy reduced

Scan mode

Ground resolution: 15 m
Scene size: 840 km x 100 km

Data use cases

The technical characteristics and global coverage of the ICEYE products provide extremely valuable inputs for a variety of studies and application developments. The data can be used to develop new services and products for sectors such as mining, maritime, agriculture, and forestry. It is also well-suited for change detection on the ground, assessment of damages caused by natural catastrophes, and monitoring of infrastructure integrity.


Who can get sponsored data from ICEYE?

Within the Third Party Mission scheme, ESA-approved science and application development users are eligible to access the ICEYE archive and new tasking products for scientific and R&D activities. To get the data, an individual must submit a proposal to ESA.

Apply for sponsored ICEYE SAR data

Place a proposal to ESA and get sponsored data from the ICEYE SAR satellite constellation.

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