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Improving life on Earth by becoming the global source of truth

ICEYE is a trusted partner to governments and commercial enterprises in delivering intelligence that contributes to better decision-making and community resilience. We are committed to conducting our business responsibly and constantly developing our environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices.


A BBC StoryWorks Commercial Production

Blue Horizons

A new series presented by the World Ocean Council, produced by BBC Storyworks Commercial Productions, explores the vital connection between the oceans and our planet. Watch the 5-minute ICEYE episode to see how ICEYE’s technology is building resilience against climate-related challenges.

“We are keen on doing the right thing. We are equally keen on solving sustainability-related issues by enabling our customers, governments, and businesses to make the right informed decisions based on reliable data and insights – this is, in fact, one of the key principles based on which ICEYE was founded back in 2014.”

Rafal Modrzewski, CEO, Co-founder


Leading by example and promoting a sustainable space industry


Protecting the environment on Earth and in space

We are committed to environmental protection on Earth and sustainable use of space. We promote resource efficiency in the design and manufacture of our products and take measures to prevent adverse impacts on the environment. Our commitment to decarbonization and zero space debris contribute to the long-term sustainability of space initiatives.

Focus areas:

  • Climate change mitigation and emission reduction
  • Prevention of space debris and pollution on Earth
  • Resource and material efficiency


Embracing diversity and equal opportunity

We offer an inspiring and safe working environment where everyone feels welcome and can thrive at the highest level. Our culture is established upon the shared values of trust, driving effective teamwork and acting as one. We embrace diversity, with ICEYErs representing over 60 different nationalities, and have zero tolerance for any form of discrimination.

Focus areas:

  • Responsible employment practices
  • Employee health, safety and wellbeing
  • Diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity


Ensuring ethical business conduct

We are committed to conducting our business ethically and in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations in areas where we operate. ICEYE Code of Conduct defines the framework for proper behavior for our people and business partners, promoting high ethical standards in both our own operations and in our value chain.

Focus areas:

  • Ethical use of ICEYE products and solutions
  • Ethical business practices and compliance
  • Supply chain management

A BBC Storyworks Commercial Production:

Blue Horizons

A new series presented by the World Ocean Council and produced by BBC Storyworks Commercial Production depicts innovations and solutions aimed at protecting our oceans. Watch the 5-minute ICEYE episode and learn more about what we do to enable ocean protection and more.

Partnerships and commitments


Signatory of the Statement for a Responsible Space Sector Initiative


Signatory of ESSI Principles for Space Sustainability


Partnership with WWF Finland to protect the Arctic nature


Commitment to the Zero Debris Charter


Participant in the UN Global Compact

Sustainability articles

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CoreLogic’s property data and ICEYE’s natural catastrophe insights power innovative disaster response solutions for the banking sector


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ICEYE natural catastrophe solutions support the development of the NYC parametric flood pilot program

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Revolutionizing wildfire monitoring with ICEYE's SAR technology



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