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Example SAR data from ICEYE

May 2023


Gaziantep, Kahramanmaraş, and Kilis, Turkey

The 2023 Turkey-Syria earthquake dataset includes two SAR images in Strip mode from ICEYE, covering Gaziantep, Kahramanmaraş, and Kilis in Turkey. The images were collected on 9 and 10 Feb 2023.

April 2023


Maharashtra, India

The dataset includes one ICEYE's Scan mode image, covering an area of 20,000 sqkm along the coastline of Maharashtra, India with Mumbai city at the center. The image was acquired on 24 June 2022 during night time.

March 2023


Gulf of Bothnia

The dataset includes a pair of ICEYE's Scan mode images from the Gulf of Bothnia between the west coast of Finland and the east coast of Sweden. The two images were acquired on 25 February, 2022 and 6 March, 2022, respectively.

February 2023


Port of Incheon, South Korea

The dataset includes one ICEYE's Spot Extended Area image of the port of Incheon, South Korea, taken on 15 May 2022.

January 2023


Panama Canal, Panama

The dataset includes one ICEYE's Scan mode image of the Panama Canal, Panama. The frame was taken on 7 February 2022, covering the entire Canal from the Pacific to the Atlantic, including ships on either side.

December 2022


Lima, Peru

The dataset includes one ICEYE's Strip mode image of North Lima, Peru. The frame was taken on 26 January 2022, one week after an oil spill at a refinery in the area.

November 2022


Gibraltar Strait, Gibraltar

The dataset includes a 10,000 km² ICEYE's Scan mode image of the Strait of Gibraltar, covering parts of Morocco and Spain. The frame was taken on 8th March 2022, showing various vessels operating in the area.

October 2022


Hudson Strait, Canada

The dataset includes a pair of 10,000 sqkm ICEYE's Scan mode images covering part of the Hudson Strait, Canada, taken in December 2021 and February 2022. The imagery are suitable for sea ice change detection from the covered area.

September 2022


Semeru Volcano Eruption, Indonesia

The dataset includes one ICEYE Spot Extended Area image of Kabupaten Lumajang, Indonesia, to the East side of Mount Semeru volcano, taken a few days after the volcano erupted in December 2021.

August 2022


Heathrow Airport, UK

The dataset includes one Spot Extended Area (SLEA) image of the Heathrow airport and surrounding area with a 15 km x 15 km scene size.

July 2022


Singapore Strait, Singapore

The dataset includes one Strip image of the Singapore Strait.

June 2022


Tokyo Airport, Japan & Port Hedland, Australia

The dataset includes two Spot Extended Area images of the Tokyo Haneda Airport, Japan and Port Headland, Australia 225km2 scene each.

May 2022


Acre Brazil

The dataset includes four images of a forest in Acre, Brazil, taken within 12 days.

April 2022


Rotterdam Port, Netherlands (daily coherent ground track repeat stack)

The dataset includes 3 Daily Coherent GTR images in Spot imaging mode of the Port of Rotterdam, Netherlands.

March 2022


English Channel & Lampedusa, Europe

The dataset includes 2 Strip images of English Channel and Lampedusa Island in the Mediterranean Sea.

February 2022


Coperland KS & Brawley, CA, US

The dataset includes subsets of 2 Strip images of Copeland, KS, USA & Brawley, CA, USA.

January 2022


ICEYE imagery archive - 18,000 SAR satellite image thumbnails

Access the public archive of radar imagery previews acquired with the ICEYE SAR satellite constellation.