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SAR Systems

ICEYE SAR satellites rapidly delivered

Take full control of your missions with the world’s only rapidly-delivered SAR satellite system. Our high-performance and agile SAR satellites enable 24/7, all-weather Earth observation, delivering precise, high-resolution imagery.

Pioneering NewSpace

ICEYE SAR satellites are purpose-built to be smaller, more affordable, and more flexible than legacy systems, allowing governments and organizations to own their own fleets. Our satellites are highly agile, enable near real-time data delivery, and can be launch-ready very quickly. In addition, we offer full launch services, training, and support, plus access to additional data from our own constellation. ICEYE is the only organization in the world today able to deliver this groundbreaking and proven capability.


Take full control of your missions with ICEYE SAR satellites

Joost Elstak, VP of Missions - Europe / ICEYE

Get global or regional capacity in weeks

Task ICEYE SAR satellites to initiate your own space program, support your existing missions, or get a head start while you wait for the delivery of a purchased satellite.


100% global

Exclusive satellite capacity that covers every inch of Earth.


Dedicated satellite

One or more dedicated satellites owned and operated by ICEYE.


Prioritized tasking

Prioritized tasking of satellites over your areas of interest.


AOI surveillance

Pay only for satellite flyovers that pass your areas of interest.

“Your turnaround is fantastic.”

National geospatial-intelligence agency

regarding ICEYE's response to historic flooding in the U.S.

From purchase to launch in 24 months

Own one or more of the latest generation of ICEYE SAR satellites. Satellites are delivered launch-ready within just 18 months, as opposed to the years it takes to acquire legacy satellites.


Continuous satellite updates, like new imaging modes and more.

Extend your coverage with data

Image AOIs while you wait for satellite delivery or to enhance capacity.

Ground Segment and Ground Station

Leave the groundwork to us while you can operate the satellite(s) and downlink data to your premises.

Launch services

The launch into low Earth sun-synchronous orbit is handled by us, with launch insurance for peace of mind.

Commissioning (LEOP)

Save time and money by letting us commission the satellite for you after separation.


We can support your operational team with basic, intermediate, and comprehensive training.

Want to learn more?

Reach out to learn how your organization can gain unparalleled control and flexibility through your own dedicated satellite or capacity.