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Strengthen your national defense with fast and flexible access to space. Buy your own complete SAR satellite system or get satellite capacity as you need it.

Go to space in weeks or months

ICEYE synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellites enable a new level of persistent monitoring to detect and respond to changes in any location on Earth, faster and more accurately than ever. Access to space has traditionally taken many years and massive investment. ICEYE is changing that by giving nations and organizations the chance to acquire ICEYE satellites, dedicated capacity, or both – in as little as weeks or months.


The only ready-made spacecraft solution for your missions

Damon Olloman, Head of Mission Sales / ICEYE

Designed to drive better decisions

Small yet powerful, ICEYE SAR satellites orbit Earth daily and sub-daily, providing nations and organizations with timely, accurate, and actionable insights for faster and better decision-making.


A world-first

Own one or more of the latest generation of ICEYE SAR satellites. With a solid production line in place, we are the only organization in the world to offer high-precision, ready-made SAR satellites.


Powerful and affordable

To date, SAR satellite missions have used large and expensive platforms carrying massive payloads. Our SAR system is a miniaturized, active phased array sensor mounted on a small satellite platform, enabling frequent imaging of any AOI at a lower cost.


Designed for flexibility

Our satellite and antenna design offers a wide range of operational approaches. By mechanically maneuvering the satellite and electronically steering the radar beam, you can scan large areas in low resolution and zoom in at high resolution when needed.



The ICEYE SAR satellite you buy will be just like the ones in our constellation. This enables us to make continuous updates like the addition of new imaging modes and more. So you’ll always have the latest ICEYE technology at your disposal.

See more with modes

Get unprecedented flexibility with Spot, Strip, and Scan imaging modes. Monitor areas up to 84,000 km² and zoom in to areas of interest at high resolution – down to under 50 cm.

spot mode reduced

Flexible ways to buy

ICEYE makes satellite missions faster, easier and more affordable than ever. You can choose to buy SAR satellites, capacity, or both.


Buy satellites

Newly-built ICEYE SAR satellites are delivered launch-ready in 18 months. We also offer launch services, insurance, mission ground segments, ground stations and training.


Buy capacity

Buy 100% or regional capacity of our satellites for as long as you like. Enjoy exclusive priority tasking and data delivery. You get all the benefits with no admin.

Operational, proven and trusted

We’ve launched 34 satellites since 2018 with over 13 planned for 2024. As the only NewSpace company with the proven ability to design, build, and supply new-era SAR Earth observation satellites, we are trusted by governments and organizations across the globe.

At your service

Task ICEYE SAR satellites to initiate your own space program, support your existing missions, or get a head start while you wait for the delivery of a purchased satellite.


Steve Young

President – Satellite Missions, ICEYE

Damon placeholder image

Damon Olloman

Head Of Mission Sales, ICEYE


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