Full Scale of Flooding in Ukraine's Kherson Oblast Captured by ICEYE Analysis

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Full Scale of Flooding in Ukraine's Kherson Oblast Captured by ICEYE Analysis

Our Team has released flood data analysis showing the extent and depth of the flooding along the Dnipro River and throughout the Kherson Oblast region in Ukraine, to government agencies and organizations supporting the relief efforts, following the breach of the Kakhovka Dam.

ICEYE’s analysis is based on observations of the flooding, not modeled outputs, and details the impact at a significantly improved resolution compared to other data available. According to our analysis, covering the entire extent of the flood, several towns and villages along the Dnipro River have been either partially or completely inundated. Some districts of Kherson have been significantly impacted, too.


Before-after animation of the full extent of the flood in the southern Dnipro River region.

Kherson-Oblast_comparison_before01 Kherson-Oblast_comparison_after01

Visualization of the extent and depth of major flooding in Kherson Oblast, Ukraine. The southern part of Kherson and Antonivka settlement, as well as Solontsi village, Kardashynka village, and part of Oleshky town have been flooded.


Kherson-Oblast_comparison_before02 Kherson-Oblast_comparison_after02

Based on ICEYE’s flood analysis, the village of Solontsi and significant parts of Oleshky town have been impacted by the flood. Solontsi has been completely flooded.

Kherson-Oblast_comparison_before03 Kherson-Oblast_comparison_after03

Flood extent and depth visualisation at the peak of the flood in Tyahynka, a village on the northern bank of the Dnipro River, west of Nova Kakhovka.

Evidence-based, observation-driven data for faster response and recovery

Among others, our evidence-based flood analysis has been used by The Washington Post, Al Jazeera, and  Helsingin Sanomat, to show the impact on Kherson Region after the Kakhovka Dam breach.

ICEYE’s flood data is also available in ArcGIS via Esri's Disaster Response Program (DRP) to assist organizations' response and recovery activities.


“Our analysis shows that several towns and villages along the Dnipro River (Nova Kakhovka, Antonivka, Oleshky, and Solontsi) have been either partially or completely flooded. ICEYE prides itself in rapidly tracking and responding to real-time natural catastrophes. Our 24/7 global operations team provides the highest fidelity flood analysis for mapping damage and aiding rescue efforts,” said Shay Strong, VP of Analytics at ICEYE.

ICEYE owns and operates the largest constellation of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellites. By combining satellite imagery with auxiliary ground-level information, the company delivers reliable, consistent, and comprehensive insight into the extent and depth of major flood events around the world, in near real-time.

“We are committed to supporting the public good through our Earth Observation and flood monitoring capabilities. In this instance, we are collaborating with a growing list of agencies and organizations assisting the situation on the ground. Our analysis enables them to quickly understand the true breadth of impacts in the Southern stretch of Ukraine's Dnipro River,” shared Andy Read, ICEYE’s Global Head of Government Solutions.

Disclaimer: The current analysis represents flooding captured from SAR and other sources throughout 7 June 2023. ICEYE is evaluating new evidence and monitoring the situation continually.