SAR derivatives

Unlock the full potential of satellite SAR data

ICEYE SAR derivatives transform raw SAR data into specialized information tailored to your needs. You can quickly access and integrate unique data derived from the world's largest SAR satellite constellation.

beyond the pixel

Gain instant insights with SAR derivatives

ICEYE SAR derivatives combine the unique capabilities of the ICEYE SAR satellite fleet with expert analytical processing to deliver actionable data for your immediate use.

ICEYE Ocean Vision represents our first family of SAR derivatives to answer critical information needs for enhanced situational awareness.

With ICEYE Ocean Vision Detect, the first of our maritime SAR derivative products, you can map and monitor vessel activity across vast ocean areas and protect your exclusive economic zones (EEZ) more effectively. Critical, SAR-derived data, is delivered to you in easily downloadable file formats. By reducing the need for in-house SAR analysis, you can immediately zero in on suspicious activity for instant insights.

It's a new way to understand Earth

See and react to changes on Earth in near real-time

SAR-derived data on the presence, location, and size of vessels

ICEYE Ocean Vision Detect for rapid maritime responsiveness

Vessel GeoJson

geojson, pdf, geotiff file formats

Quick access to accurate insights

Get immediate access to actionable information on vessel presence, location, and size in easy-to-use standard file formats and a summary report.

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up to 840 km strip scenes

Monitor vast sea areas

From a single 30 x 50 km Strip scene to extended Strip scenes up to 840 km long in a single deliverable, you can monitor and protect vast areas of open waters.

Detect ships

Uncover dark vessels

Detect ship-to-ship formations

With high confidence scores for vessels above 20 m in length, you can detect unreported vessels or other suspicious activities, such as ship-to-ship transfers, and take immediate action.

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Up to sub-daily

Get highly persistent monitoring

With highly persistent monitoring, even up to sub-daily, you can detect and react to any maritime activity that poses a threat to border or commerce security.

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vessels cannot hide under cloud cover

Stay informed, day and night

Get visibility into any area in or around your maritime domain, day or night, through clouds, fog, and darkness.


the World's largest SAR satellite fleet

Monitor around the globe

The world's largest SAR satellite constellation is at your service to monitor your critical maritime waters anywhere around the globe.


Use the interactive demo to zero in on vessel activity

ICEYE Ocean Vision Detect helps you monitor your exclusive economic zones (EEZ) and maritime borders by automating vessel identification. Click the 'Open the demo' button below to use the interactive demo. See examples in the Central Mediterranean Sea, Singapore, and the Gibraltar Strait.

Want to know more?

Learn how ICEYE Ocean Vision Detect can quickly increase maritime domain awareness for you and your organization.