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Gain critical clarity with tasking

Task ICEYE SAR satellites to access groundbreaking data on any location on Earth – day or night and in any weather. The process is simple and images are usually delivered within few hours of your initial request.

Ordering SAR data made simple

We believe access to reliable and timely SAR Earth observation data should be available to all, so we provide access options designed to meet your specific mission needs and collection timeframes. Customers can choose between API-based automation, or engage with ICEYE's 24x7 customer support team.

The process begins with defining your area of interest, revisit frequency and other parameters. The first images are usually acquired, downlinked, decoded, and processed within a few hours of the initial request and delivered within a few hours after that.

ICEYE API platform

Integrate to the ICEYE SAR fleet

Customers who have built their own platforms to access commercial tasking services can integrate into the ICEYE space and ground architecture and directly task the ICEYE constellation.

Tasking order flow

1. Customer request

New image orders with specifications such as area of interest, imaging mode, inclination angles, and other tasking requirements are submitted via email.

2. Order feasibility and confirmation

Once received, the order is processed using the provided imaging parameters to find the best option for image acquisition.

3. Image acquisition

The images are downlinked and the data is decoded and processed.

4. Quality control and image delivery

Next, we verify that the frames contain the customer’s target location, that they meet the product specifications, and that they do not contain any disqualifying ambiguities. The imagery is delivered to you within 8 hours of the data being downlinked, with an average delivery time of less than 4 hours.

5. Archive imagery

As an ICEYE customer, you have access to a complete catalog of archive imagery that is available to order. Imagery remains in the ICEYE Archive Catalog for at least seven days after acquisition.

Standard order

Get timely access to images of your area of interest. Once your order is placed, our tasking experts will study the feasibility and deliver an acquisition plan for you to approve. Standard orders consist of:


Area of interest

Define your area of interest in the form of a latitude/longitude pair in the WGS84 coordinate system or attach a KML/KMZ or GeoJSON file to your order.


Timing information

Include the start and end time for your order, acquisition time windows, and repeat cycle.


Acquisition type

Select whether you would like a single acquisition of your area of interest (AOI) or a stack of images of the same AOI over a defined period.


Imaging mode

Choose the imaging mode that suits your specific needs. Available modes: Dwell, Strip, Spot, and Scan.


Required delivery date

Once your order is confirmed, the acquired imagery will be delivered to you on agreed timelines.


Feasibility study

You can order a feasibility study of any standard order you are considering.


Custom order

Place a custom order when you need increased flexibility like a coverage of an extremely wide area, images acquired within a very specific timeframe, or more frequent acquisitions. Below are examples of options that are currently available as part of a custom order:



Coverage of large areas by acquiring multiple images.


Custom coverage requirement

Each acquired image must cover a minimum percentage of the area of interest (AOI).


Local time deviation limits

Images belonging to a stack or mosaic collection should be acquired within a certain local time range.


Long image size requirements

Images that exceed the standard frame size of the requested imaging mode to cover the desired AOI. For example, long Strip acquisitions.


Azimuth angle deviation limits

Images belonging to a stack or mosaic collection should be acquired within a certain azimuth angle range.


Custom acquisition time windows

For example a 72- or 96-hour time window for each acquisition.




SAR Data Brochure

Learn more about ICEYE SAR satellite data for persistent monitoring, and specific imaging modes.



Product documentation

The product documentation describes ICEYE SAR product specifications, image ordering process, and related support information.



Example datasets

Download free examples of ICEYE SAR data for all ICEYE imaging modes, available in a standard customer delivery package.

Working with SAR data

ICEYE SAR data can be viewed and processed with a variety of commercial and open-source software tools.

Swath acquisition viewer (Savoir)

For quickly identifying potential acquisition opportunities over any area of interest with the ICEYE satellites and sensor, speeding up the efforts in data ordering for your needs.


Sentinel application platform (SNAP)

Viewing, pre-processing, georeferencing, and exporting files for the GIS platform from ICEYE high-resolution data.


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