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The world's largest SAR satellite fleet at your fingertips

Automate SAR imagery tasking, status information, and delivery with the ICEYE API platform.

integrate to the fleet

Directly access the ICEYE SAR constellation

ICEYE has launched 34 SAR imaging satellites in the past seven years. The ICEYE API platform is a suite of APIs to give you direct and secure access to the world's largest SAR fleet. With no manual intervention to slow you down, you can task ICEYE satellites to capture the geospatial data you need.

The APIs provide a smooth workflow by automating the satellite tasking, status information, and delivery processes. With integrated tasking prices, you can easily track your expenses. 

Searching, purchasing, and downloading ICEYE SAR imagery is now easier than ever.  You can access over 60,000 archived ICEYE SAR images thanks to the automated processes.


Simple to use

  • Designed for both first-time and expert users
  • Built-in default parameters to get quickly started

Built for automation

  • Run machine-to-machine scripts 
  • Purchase all the SAR data in an area

Scalable design

  • Easily integrated into various systems
  • Create workflows with your own customizations

ICEYE API platform

The ICEYE API platform is your point of integration into ICEYE's space and ground architecture. The Tasking API is the integration point for your tasking systems and lets you schedule the ICEYE fleet. The Catalog API automates the process to request SAR imagery from the 60,000 ICEYE SAR image archive catalog.

smooth and secure integration

[Draft notes value props (why): smooth workflow, feasibility response in minutes, catalog, track costs]

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Three step sequence

Log in, task, receive

[DRAFT notes: It takes only three steps to task a satellite; log in, task an order, and receive the order.]

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Low latency

More info

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Machine-to-machine connection

Smooth workflow: details

[DRAFT notes: The powerful and easy-to-understand workflow provides quick feasibility response times.

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more satellites, more coverage

Schedule tasks with the world's largest fleet

The world's largest SAR satellite constellation is at your service. Schedule tasks and monitor anywhere around the globe.

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company api

Access your contract

Access your contracts, track costs, and review your budget to manage additional images at short notice

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Browse, buy, download

60,000 SAR images

Browse and purchase from a library of 60,000 public SAR images.

ICEYE API integration practical steps

Start your integration here

Read our integration and API specification steps and get off to a flying start.


It's a new way to understand Earth

See and react to changes on Earth in near real-time

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Commonly used services



Your ICEYE contract defines the level of service and regulates the tasking options made available.


Authentication and access

Get authentication to access the ICEYE fleet through the API platform.


Send your first request

Obtain the access token and send your first request.


One-step tasking

Create a one-step tasking flow for your client.


Tasking status

Customers can poll the Tasking API for their latest task status.


SAR catalog

Search results in the 60,000 ICEYE SAR image archive are returned as a list of STAC items, which can be parsed by any standard STAC library.

iceye api integration case study

Monitor the Amazon rainforest

ICEYE SAR satellite imagery is ideal for monitoring challenging regions such as the Amazon rainforest. Cloudy conditions are not a limitation, vast areas can be observed in a single image, and, thanks to the large ICEYE fleet, satellite revisit rates are high.

How would you use the ICEYE API platform to implement a rainforest monitoring project? Get practical steps for tasking the ICEYE fleet with the ICEYE Tasking API.


1. Build a flexible repeat-tasking client.

See how our APIs can neatly integrate into your UI with a sample case study.

2. Plan a weekly image tasking strategy.

Choose a weekly image tasking strategy to optimize the area that you can monitor.

3. Prepare for out-of-band image tasking.

Have the option to create imaging tasks that are not a part of your weekly pattern.

Security and data protection

SAR data service security

ICEYE has an ISO/IEC 27001 information security management system (ISMS) certification. Sensitive information is protected in ICEYE ground and space segments by encryption in transit and at rest. ICEYE has a multitude of operational security controls to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information. Sensitive customer information such as identities, personal information, image orders, and private image products are protected.

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Learn more about how the ICEYE API platform can help you and your organization.