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We are a team of experts from a wide range of areas who enjoy working in a multicultural, dynamic NewSpace environment and solving challenges that matter.

Make the impossible possible

At ICEYE, we value our shared culture that shapes the way we work and communicate on a daily basis. We encourage curiosity, foster self-development, and build an environment based on trust and transparency. Teamwork is key to our success, so we make sure we keep it efficient, and don't forget to have fun!


Be curious

Develop yourself and go deeper into the subjects you are interested in by asking questions, listening carefully, and using critical thinking.


See the big picture

Always aim to see the big picture by understanding the reasons behind decisions, considering how your work affects others, and aspiring to set and achieve meaningful goals.


Drive effective teamwork

Teamwork drives success: be resourceful in your work, communicate effectively, and ensure that teamwork processes are efficient and meaningful.


Act as one

Help others and ask for help. Trust your colleagues and be trustworthy. We are in this together, and we need to rely on each other when necessary.


Have fun

Aerospace is fun. Give yourself credit for things you achieve and take time to enjoy life.

Stories from our team members

Career development

“ICEYE has given me many opportunities to learn about myself and how I can develop in different roles and teams. It’s so exciting to have now found a position that I truly feel I was meant to be in.”

Rachel Finerman,

Customer Operations & Satellite Planning Manager

Revolutionary approach

“I joined in my second year of my masters and I never left! I was caught in a fascinating field, with wonderful people with great skills, and a challenging project. It rarely gets boring. I think the company motto captures this quite well, ‘make impossible possible’. ICEYE is a true melting pot of ideas, personalities, and cultures from around the world showing that it doesn’t matter where are you from we are all together collaborating for the same objective, there is a sense of belonging, friendship and family.”

Oscar Gil,

Director of Spacecraft Engineering

Cultural Diversity

“Something that is really unique at ICEYE is its cultural diversity, which we are very proud of. We have employees from more than 40 different countries, who speak 30 different languages! Working in such a multicultural atmosphere is an awesome experience!”

Tapolina Jha,

Software Engineer

Open positions

Even if you don’t see a vacancy advertised below, please submit an open application and you’ll be on our radar for the future! You can also reach us at recruiting@iceye.fi in case you have any questions.

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SAR Webinars

We produced a series of webinars to help you understand the basics of Synthetic Aperture Radar and the role it plays in the overall success of ICEYE. We hope you will be inspired to join our team after watching these!

Learn more about what we do

SAR data

ICEYE provides unprecedented access to accurate SAR images of any location on Earth — every few hours, day and night and in any weather.



Our satellites enable users to detect changes with daily and even sub-daily revisits of any location. ICEYE's small and agile satellites can be launch-ready within 15-24 months.


Natural catastrophe solutions

ICEYE empowers organizations to assess the true impact of natural disasters with solutions that provide near real-time hazard and damage data across the globe.


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