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Assess NatCat exposures within hours of a storm's peak

Stay on top of increasing economic and insured losses with ICEYE’s natural catastrophe monitoring solutions that provide near real-time hazard and damage data across the globe.


A BBC StoryWorks Commercial Production

Blue Horizons

A new series presented by the World Ocean Council, produced by BBC Storyworks Commercial Productions, explores the vital connection between the oceans and our planet. Watch the 5-minute ICEYE episode to see how ICEYE’s technology is building resilience against climate-related challenges.

Customer Case Study

Tokio Marine: Satellite-driven Flood Insights for efficient insurance claims management


Innovating Flood Risk Management for P&C Insurance

With building-level flood impact data

Your competitive edge with ICEYE

ICEYE’s large constellation of NewSpace satellites provides access to an entirely new level of persistent monitoring for any location on Earth – uninterrupted visibility, day and night, in any weather conditions, enabling a transformative capability for the P&C insurance industry.


Own constellation

We own and operate the only satellite constellation deployed solely for the (re)insurance industry and targeting catastrophic events, controlling the entire value chain.


Change detection

From tracking fast-moving objects to potentially predicting natural disasters by identifying millimeter-level changes, ICEYE unlocks previously unseen changes to the environment and human activity.


Reliability and accuracy

Having the ability to see through darkness, smoke, and clouds, ICEYE provides reliable, consistent, and accurate hazard data for floods and wildfires.


Leading insurance industry expertise

Our product roadmap is driven entirely by the unique needs of the P&C insurance ecosystem. Our dedicated teams are led by experts from insurance, reinsurance, meteorology, hydrology, and GIS domains.

Insurance industry use cases

Our clients have access to near real-time hazard and damage data to accurately and quickly respond to natural disasters, improve their decision-making, and ultimately transform their customer experience.

Deploy field resources faster

Take your event supply chain and operations management to the next level with near real-time situational awareness.


Improve claims processing

Transform your customer's experience by shifting to an expedient approach with emergency and partial claim payments, remote claims settlements, and proactive customer communication.


Quickly evaluate flood impacts

Improve your loss sizing and reserving, and speed up your accurate notifications to reinsurers.


Download our flood briefings

ICEYE's Flood Monitoring capability is always on, with hundreds of flood analyses performed across the globe since 2021.

July 2024


Flooding in Midwest US

Download ICEYE's flood briefing on the flooding in the Midwest US in July 2024.

September 2023


Flooding from Hurricane Idalia in Southeast US

View ICEYE's flood briefing on the flooding from Hurricane Idalia in Southeast US from September 2023.

July 2023


Flooding in Northeast US

View ICEYE's flood briefing on the flooding in Northeast US from July 2023.

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Stories from our customers

Going further together

“By combining Swiss Re’s risk knowledge with ICEYE’s data, we will be able to further expand our capabilities in geo and remote sensing. The partnership will enable us to develop solutions, advance our services to the benefit of our clients, and enable faster claims payouts.”

Pranav Pasricha,

Global Head of P&C Solutions, Swiss Re

A must have solution

“Flood Insight is a must-have solution to fulfill our responsibility as an insurance company to provide peace of mind to our customers in the event of any disaster. In addition, we see that this cooperation with ICEYE is not only contributing to the insurance claim process but also has wider societal impacts such as supporting lifesaving and rapid recovery efforts in disaster-prone regions throughout Japan, where natural disasters occur frequently.”

Junichiro Fujiki,

Manager at TMNF

Better response to disasters

“Our mission is to build economic resilience by extending protection to vulnerable and underserved markets and communities. Advancements in parametric risk transfer mechanisms are critical to that. Integrating ICEYE’s flood hazard data into our risk transfer structures supports the development of more responsive solutions to mitigate the financial effects of extreme climate and natural disasters.”

Angus Kirk,

CEO at Global Parametrics

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