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Truth. Through uninterrupted Earth Observation

Improving life on Earth by providing unprecedented access to near real-time information, empowering quick and effective responses to global changes.

Our story

2012 - 2014 Idea and feasibility

The ICEYE team originated from the Aalto-1 university nanosatellite group. A joint course organized by the Aalto Business School and the Stanford University Technology Ventures program brought technical teams together during the spring term of 2012. The team, evolving from the Aalto-1 initiative, became experts in every aspect of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) design and implementation. Learning by doing defined the team’s early approach. The first hardware prototypes may have appeared rudimentary, but the journey revealed that there are no shortcuts.

11/2015 Initial Funding

ICEYE secured $2.8M in R&D funding from the SME Instrument within EU Horizon 2020, along with $2.8M financing from True Ventures, with participation from Lifeline Ventures and

08/2017 A-round Funding

An A-round of $13M in funding, including an $8.5M financing round led by Draper Nexus, marked a significant milestone. True Ventures, Lifeline Ventures, Space Angels, and Draper Associates also participated, along with additional funding from Finnish Funding Agency for Innovations.

01/2018 ICEYE-X1 Launch

ICEYE-X1, ICEYE's first proof-of-concept microsatellite mission with a SAR sensor payload, launched on January 12, 2018. ICEYE-X1 was the world's first SAR satellite under 100 kg, and the first Finnish commercial satellite, enabling radar imaging of the Earth through clouds and in total darkness.

05/2018 Series B Funding

ICEYE’s $34M Series B funding round was supported by previous investors including True Ventures, Draper Nexus, Draper Associates, Seraphim Capital, and Space Angels. New ICEYE investors OTB, Tesi, Draper Esprit, and Promus Ventures also joined. ICEYE had raised $53M, including government financing from Finland and the EU’s Horizon 2020 program.

12/2018 ICEYE-X2 Launch

The ICEYE-X2 satellite was delivered into orbit via Spaceflight’s SSO-A: SmallSat Express mission aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket on December 3, 2018. This launch marked ICEYE’s second satellite successfully placed into orbit within one year and made history as the first-ever Finnish-Polish satellite.

07/2019 Successful SAR Satellite Launch

ICEYE reported a successful launch of two SAR satellites on a rideshare mission managed by Exolaunch on July 5, 2019.

10/2019 Spot Imaging Mode

ICEYE announced that its Spot mode, enabling very high-resolution radar imaging, was now commercially available to its customers worldwide.

09/2020 Series C Funding

ICEYE closed a larger-than-planned $87M Series C funding round. ICEYE had raised a total of $152M in financing.

01/2021 Satellite Launch

ICEYE launched three more SAR satellites on SpaceX’s Falcon 9 smallsat rideshare mission via Exolaunch. After commissioning these three new spacecraft, ICEYE owned and operated the world’s largest, most agile SAR satellite constellation, providing global commercial access and persistent monitoring.

07/2021 Satellite Launch

ICEYE launched four SAR satellites into orbit on SpaceX’s Falcon 9 smallsat rideshare mission via Exolaunch, bringing the total to 14 satellites in orbit.

01/2022 Satellite Launch

ICEYE successfully launched its 15th and 16th SAR satellites into orbit, including the first satellite built, licensed, and operated by ICEYE US.

02/2022 Series D Funding

ICEYE closed a $136M Series D funding round, led by long-standing investor Seraphim Space. New strategic investors to ICEYE also included BAE Systems, Kajima Ventures, and Tokio Marine.

05/2022 Largest Satellite Launch

ICEYE successfully completed its largest satellite launch, placing five new SAR satellites into orbit on SpaceX’s Falcon 9 smallsat rideshare mission via Exolaunch from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

01/2023 Satellite Launch

ICEYE successfully commissioned two new SAR satellites on SpaceX’s Transporter-6 smallsat rideshare mission via Exolaunch.

04/2023 Wildfire Insights

ICEYE announced the Beta release of Wildfire Insights, providing building-level impact data for wildfire events in near real-time based on satellite imagery and advanced analytics.

05/2023 Dwell Capability

ICEYE introduced the first-in-market satellite radar Dwell capability, allowing SAR satellites to focus on a specific point on the ground for an extended collection time, capturing significantly more information about the imaging target.

06/2023 Satellite Launch & Spot Fine Mode

ICEYE expanded its constellation with four new SAR satellites launched on SpaceX’s Transporter-8 smallsat rideshare mission via Exolaunch. These Generation 3 satellites image the Earth with a ground range resolution of 50 cm, accompanied by the release of a new imaging mode - Spot Fine.

11/2023 Satellite Launch

ICEYE elevated its world-leading radar imaging constellation with four new satellites launched, expanding the constellation to more than 30 SAR satellites.

03/2024 Satellite Launch

ICEYE strengthens its persistent Earth Observation capabilities with the successful launch of three new satellites, including a 1200 MHz radar bandwidth in-orbit technology demonstrator that will enable 25 cm imaging.

03/2024 ICEYE Ocean Vision

ICEYE announced the launch of ICEYE Ocean Vision, a synthetic aperture radar (SAR) product family, to provide actionable intelligence for maritime domain awareness. As the first in the family, ICEYE Ocean Vision Detect, available today, delivers insights into the presence, location, and size of vessels at sea, allowing authorities to take decisive action in mitigating threats.

03/2024 Dwell Fine

ICEYE expands high-resolution SAR data products with Dwell Fine, which adds to the unique capabilities of the Dwell imaging mode, with enhanced 50 cm resolution. It enables an unparalleled level of insight into activity on the ground, allowing for better object classification and movement analysis.

04/2024 Oversubscribed Growth Funding

ICEYE announced a definitive agreement signed for an oversubscribed $93M growth funding round. The financing will further accelerate investment in the world’s largest constellation of SAR satellites and expand the company’s portfolio of innovative data and subscription products.


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