It's a new way to understand Earth

See and react to changes on Earth in near real-time

Explore SAR data applications


Border monitoring

Know what is happening at your borders and beyond.


Site activity monitoring

Watch strategic sites and detect changes.


Port monitoring

Keep an eye on ports worldwide.


Maritime domain awareness

Detect suspicious maritime activities.


Deforestation monitoring

Monitor forests and identify activities.


Sea ice

Monitor sea ice in offshore operations.


Oil spills

Detect and respond to marine oil spills and oil seeps.

Dark vessel detection

Detect dark vessels, uncover illegal activity

Get near real-time, unbiased information on suspect vessels to stop unreported transits, unauthorized commodity transhipment, smuggling, illegal fishing, and other unlawful activities that may be happening within your areas of interest. By combining automatic identification system (AIS) and ICEYE SAR satellite data, dark and collaborative vessels can be detected. These vessels are detected in radar satellite data but is not visible to AIS receivers.

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