ICEYE's Paul Barron Has Joined the Esri Partner Advisory Council (PAC)

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ICEYE's Paul Barron Has Joined the Esri Partner Advisory Council (PAC)

We are happy to announce that Paul Barron, our Global Head of Partnerships at ICEYE, has joined the Esri Partner Advisory Council (PAC). 

The PAC was established in 2010, and is a crucial organization that serves as an advisory body for partnering at Esri. The members of the Council are business executives chosen for their exceptional leadership qualities who play a significant role in shaping Esri's strategic direction and overall growth. The council’s contributions are instrumental in Esri's continued leadership in the GIS industry, offering valuable guidance on product development, market trends, and fostering strong partnerships within Esri's ecosystem. 



“Through our partnership with Esri, we enable companies to unlock the full potential of ICEYE’s natural catastrophe insights. Representing ICEYE on the Esri PAC takes the relationship to the next level, helping us actively contribute to the overall development and success of Esri's partner ecosystem.” – explains Paul Barron, Global Head of Partnerships at ICEYE.

As a member of Esri PAC, Paul will have direct collaboration opportunities with Esri's executive team and industry thought leaders, ensuring that ICEYE maintains its position as a frontrunner in geospatial innovation while providing the most relevant solutions to its customers. Additionally, he will be part of a committee with a focus on expanding international partnerships on a larger scale and shaping the strategic direction of Esri in the geospatial industry.  

If you are interested, you can learn more about the ICEYE x Esri partnership or the Esri Partner Network in general.


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