Great Opportunities for Software Engineers in the Space Industry

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Great Opportunities for Software Engineers in the Space Industry

You are a Software Engineer and fascinated by space, satellites and Earth Observation with the desire to evolve in this area, then this is the right blog for you. ICEYE is looking for people like you to support their teams.

No worries if you haven’t gained the experiences yet or previously worked elsewhere within the engineering industry. You will bring many transferable skills that will be a great asset for a position in the space industry. If you enjoy figuring out how things work and how to make them work better, if you relish the opportunity to design new things and innovate new concepts, and if it is attractive for you to be hands on in your job, the New Space industry is worth exploring.

Who Is ICEYE and What Do They Need Software For?

ICEYE is an innovative, fast growing Finnish based international New Space company that builds and operates its own commercial constellation of small satellites to take images of the Earth surface using synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) technology. The SAR data is processed and used to derive geospatial information to help customers to make more intelligent decisions.

ICEYE is a pioneer company in the New Space industry. It built the world's first SAR satellite under 100 kg and is now operating the first, continuously growing commercial SAR microsatellite constellation.

Software is one of the essentials behind the ICEYE success story.

Software enables the operation of the satellite space and launch systems, maneuvering of the satellite, operations of the SAR data acquisitions and ground receiving stations, data processing and analysis, product creations, data ordering and service delivery systems, to name some of most important fields.


Figure. ICEYE’s Mission Operation Center

ICEYE Is Looking for Software Engineers for Various Roles

Software Engineers are employed at ICEYE to develop new features and software, managing satellite constellation software infrastructure from data handling to flight dynamics and operations tools, optimise the performance of the satellite fleet, create on-board real-time embedded software in satellites and software components for the ground station network for data downlink and data processing, automation of the collection capabilities of a constellation of radar satellites, build and operate a growing number of internal and external software services. Additionally, constant improvements in the development tools, CI/CD systems and the underlying platform are needed.

We need Software Engineers for the detection and investigation of persistent anomalies in SAR image processing and to develop TTPs (Technology, Tactics and Procedures) to correct them, to create product quality assurance tools, and to support machine learning activities.

ICEYE technologies include Terraform, Ansible, Packer, Python, Go, JS, AWS, vSphere, REST, SCIM, Kubernetes, Istio, Splunk, ELK, Git. ICEYE software runs on the cloud while remaining platform agnostic for securing business continuity.

Your Ideas Can Empower New Space Software - Join Us

The work as a Software Engineer in the space industry is manifold, exciting and challenging. When you join ICEYE, you will work with engaged, international teams from roughly 40 countries on groundbreaking projects solving unprecedented issues. It can boost your career!

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