A New Frontier in Earth Observation: The ICEYE x European Space Agency (ESA) Partnership

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A New Frontier in Earth Observation: The ICEYE x European Space Agency (ESA) Partnership

As the Head of Government Solutions in Europe at ICEYE, I am thrilled to share details of our landmark partnership with the European Space Agency (ESA) that promises to redefine Earth Observation (EO) for enhanced disaster management and community resilience.

Strategic Objectives for Community Resilience and Disaster Management

Our alignment with ESA under the Civil Security from Space Programme (CSS) is set to revolutionize our collective approach to crisis events. This first CSS Partnership contract we've embarked on focuses on leveraging ICEYE's advanced EO capabilities to develop a new suite of disaster management solutions.
This three-year journey will see us working closely with ESA to refine our state-of-the-art hazard insights and forge the next generation of EO technology. It's an initiative that stands as a testament to our commitment to pushing the envelope in satellite monitoring.

Through this partnership, ICEYE and ESA are committed to:

  • Develop an advanced suite of natural catastrophe monitoring services
  • Enhance the capabilities of ICEYE’s satellite fleet for more effective disaster management
  • Design and test next-generation Earth observation technology

The ICEYE x ESA Partnership Unveiled

With the words of Josef Aschbacher, Director General of ESA, they “look forward to collaborating with our Finnish partner on this project, which is vital to monitor, mitigate, and resolve civil security and crisis events, thereby ensuring the safety of people, infrastructures, and resources on Earth.”


Echoing the enthusiasm, Rafal Modrzewski, our CEO and Co-Founder at ICEYE, said, “This partnership with ESA is an opportunity to test the boundaries of natural catastrophe monitoring solutions. We are proud to lead the way into the new era of space-based crisis observation and management.”

In my view, ICEYE has come a long way, from our beginnings as a startup to a pioneering force in the EO space. Our role in supplying imagery to the Copernicus program and supporting Europe's startup ecosystem through the EPIC Program has set the stage for this monumental collaboration with ESA.


I invite you to watch our video that delves deeper into the ICEYE x ESA partnership and its potential impact on global disaster management.

A glimpse into the future

The CSS programme represents ESA's commitment to harnessing space capabilities for addressing challenges in civil security and crisis management. This partnership is a testament to the innovative spirit driving Europe’s space industry, fostering collaboration among civil security stakeholders, service providers, and the space industry.

With support from participating countries such as Finland, Poland, and Spain, we are eager to expand our horizons. This partnership is more than just a venture into new technological realms—it's a commitment to safeguard lives and infrastructure globally.

As the world's largest constellation operator of synthetic-aperture radar satellites, ICEYE remains committed to delivering persistent, reliable monitoring capabilities for any location on Earth. This partnership with ESA is not just a step forward for us—it's a leap for the global community towards greater resilience and security.