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Four Tips on Utilizing Data to Enhance Your Claims Process

Customers typically contact their insurer during situations where they need to make a claim. Meeting expectations at...

5 mins read
Welcome to a New Era in Data Access

Optical and radar satellite imaging has been around for a long time. But access to valuable satellite data has...

7 mins read
ICEYE’s SAR Dataset Overview: City Infrastructure of Muscat, Oman

Spot SAR imagery reveals many details in dense urban areas and provides invaluable insights for city planning,...

5 mins read
Podcast: Introducing ICEYE’s Satellite-Based Flood Monitoring Solution for Major Insurers

When a flood hits anywhere in the world, it takes only 24 hours for insurers to have access to flood extent and...

6 mins read
Rapid Access to Satellite Imagery Enables Fast Detection and Monitoring of Changes on Ground

Quick access to current data is a key component for satellite-based near-real time applications. Only with rapid...

5 mins read
ICEYE’s SAR Dataset Overview: Agricultural Areas in Kansas and California, U.S.

ICEYE Stripmap images are a valuable information source for many use cases, such as field segmentation,...

7 mins read
Tip and Cue Technique for Efficient Near Real-Time Satellite Monitoring of Moving Objects

The term ‘tip and cue’ is used for the coordinated utilization of complementary sensor systems to enhance and...

9 mins read
Software Engineers Give Insights to Their Work at ICEYE

We are eager to welcome software engineering talents to join our ever-growing team. To give you more perspectives on...

11 mins read
Dr. Alan Thompson, Vice President, Spacecraft Engineering, Shares His Experience and Thoughts on SAR Satellite Missions

Alan Thompson has had long experience with radar imaging satellites and especially larger satellites than those...

6 mins read