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Independent Sovereign Controlled Satellite System

Take Full Control Over Your Satellite Misisons 

ICEYE offered the best tailored small SAR satellite constellation based on our deep understanding of your mission requirements.


Customized Configuration

ICEYE have the depth of expertise to build a dedicated satellite constellation for your missions using the latest satellite based capabilities. For any constellation of your chosen number of SAR satellites, typical custom configuration include:

  • Low Earth Orbit optimised for your required region
  • Fully encrypted with secure data & communication downlink
  • Deliver to required orbit within 365 days (or as per agreement)
  • Potential for 'low-cost' launching solutions


Revisit Times

Specifically Customised for Your Region

With our deep understanding of your geographic location, ICEYE tailor the satellite constellation in a way to enable persistent monitoring over your expected area to meet various requirements of your missions, such as dark vessel detection, ship movement, illegal construction, and so on.

In order to achieve the shortest revisit time, the satellites will be on one day repeat cycles, guaranteeing repeat acquisition every 24 hours. On the basis of a one-day repeat cycle for your constellation, you would have the opportunity for daily interferormetry  and coherent change detection, particularly useful for monitoring ground movements.

Customized-constellation24h coverage of customised 3-satellite constellation operating
in polar orbit, which will provide up to 12 passes over the region every day.

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