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The World's First Small SAR Satellite Constellation

With ICEYE, you have reliable access to your locations of interest with ground track repeat imaging.

ICEYE’s SAR satellite constellation provides different angle imaging multiple times each day for specified locations of interest. While individual SAR satellites continue to be launched to reach an increasing capacity, commercial services are currently available from previously launched satellite capacity.


Proof-of-Concept That Shook the EO World - 2018

ICEYE-X1 was ICEYE’s first proof-of-concept mission to showcase the company’s miniaturized SAR satellite technology. The mission was a significant success, with well over 600 images captured around the world. ICEYE-X1 demonstrated that developing miniaturized SAR technology and successfully launching it on a satellite under 100kg is possible.



Initial SAR Satellite Constellation - 2019

For 2019, ICEYE has secured 5 additional launches for new SAR satellites, following the late 2018 ICEYE-X2 mission. These selected SAR satellite missions will be deployed in orbits supporting an initial set of locations with 24 hour ground track repeat cycles for interferometric uses.



The World's Largest Commercial SAR Satellite Constellation - 2020+

ICEYE’s SAR satellite constellation will provide previously unavailable imaging capabilities and access, allowing for quick tactical acquisitions as well as global revisit rates of on average 3 hours. Each satellite unit continues to introduce individual improvements on the system.


Download Free ICEYE SLC Dataset 

The dataset features port of Port Hedland, Australia and port of Gdansk, Poland