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14 October 2021 Andy Read Joins ICEYE to Lead Global Government Solutions

12 October 2021 ICEYE Named as a Contributing Mission to Europe’s Copernicus Satellite Imaging Programme

07 October 2021 ICEYE Accelerates Growth In the Insurance Segment with Appointment of Global Head of Insurance Solutions

06 July 2021 ICEYE First in the World to Achieve Revolutionary Daily Coherent Ground Track Repeat

01 July 2021 ICEYE Launches Four New Radar Imaging Satellites, Taking a Further Leap Forward in Persistent Monitoring Capabilities

23 June 2021 ICEYE Expands Satellite Offering in Japan, Makoto Higashi Joins as General Manager for Local Business Operations

10 June 2021 ICEYE Approved as Full ESA Earthnet Third Party Mission - The Programme Opens Access to ICEYE SAR Data for Researchers and Developers

10 May 2021 ICEYE Introduces the World’s First Wide Area Imaging for Persistent Monitoring with New Space SAR Satellites

15 April 2021 ICEYE Opens New Spacecraft Production Facility in Irvine, California, Expands U.S. Manufacturing, Research and Customer Operations

31 March 2021 ICEYE Reports Contracts Valued at $50M in 2020 and Announces New Launches to Meet Growing Demand

02 March 2021 ICEYE Enters Into A Strategic Partnership With Swiss Re Advancing Natural Catastrophe Services With Radar Satellite-Based Flood Monitoring

25 February 2021 ICEYE’s 3 Newest Satellites From Late January Launch Return First Radar Images

25 January 2021 ICEYE Establishes World's Top-Performing Persistent Monitoring Satellite Capabilities with Three New SAR Spacecraft Successfully Launched

05 November 2020 Tero Vauraste Joins ICEYE To Lead Nordics Business Development

29 October 2020 Jerry Welsh New CEO of ICEYE US, Ramping Up US Manufacturing and Operations

13 October 2020 ICEYE Shares Nearly 18,000 Satellite Image Catalog Under Creative Commons License

22 September 2020 USD 87M in Series C for ICEYE to Continue Conquering Boundaries in Radar Satellite Imaging

08 July 2020 ICEYE SAR Satellite Imagery Available Through the ESA Earthnet Third Party Mission

25 June 2020 ICEYE Now Contributing to the International Disasters Charter

06 May 2020 SAR Interferometry Demonstrated with an 18-day Global Repeat by ICEYE

26 March 2020 ICEYE Unveils 25 cm SAR Imaging Capability with Current SAR Satellite Constellation

09 March 2020 ICEYE Demonstrates SAR Video Capability from Current SAR Satellite Constellation

13 February 2020 ICEYE Expanding in US with Mark Matossian Joining as CEO of ICEYE US, Inc, as Company Evaluates US Satellite Manufacturing

20 January 2020 ICEYE Dark Vessel Detection Now Globally Available for Government Organizations

28 November 2019 Pekka Laurila to Speak at European Space Week On Finland’s Growing Role in the Space Industry

06 November 2019 ICEYE and RS Metrics Enter Into Agreement to Provide Unmatched Global Iron Ore Stockpile Monitoring

16 October 2019 ICEYE High-Resolution Spotlight Radar Imaging Now Commercially Available

07 October 2019 ICEYE Partners with ST Engineering to Develop South East Asia Markets for SAR Imagery and Analytics

25 September 2019 KSAT and ICEYE Extend Partnership with More Radar Satellite Imagery and Faster Data Analysis

12 September 2019 Two Recently Launched ICEYE SAR Satellites Commissioned - Added to Commercial Constellation

09 August 2019 ICEYE Releases World-First Under 1-Meter Resolution Radar Imagery from SAR Microsatellites

01 August 2019 ICEYE Constellation Announced as European Space Agency’s Third Party Mission Under Evaluation

12 July 2019 Steve O’Donnell Joins ICEYE as Vice President of Space Missions

05 July 2019 ICEYE Reports Successful July 2019 Launch of Two SAR Satellites

13 June 2019 ICEYE and APSI South Korea SAR Image Reseller Agreement Extended with Strategic Alliance

07 June 2019 Breaking the 15 Minutes Barrier from Acquisition to Delivery for SAR Imaging

15 May 2019 APSI and ICEYE to Provide South Korean New Space Market with SAR Imaging Solutions

27 February 2019 Steve Young Joins ICEYE To Lead Business Development and Sales

27 February 2019 Leola Moss Joins ICEYE To Lead Product Delivery and Operations

22 January 2019 ICEYE and Spire Join Forces To Enable Global Monitoring Of Dark Vessels At Sea

14 December 2018 ICEYE Receives 10M€ Capital Loan from Business Finland To Initiate Internet of Locations

11 December 2018 First Radar Image from ICEYE-X2 Published Only A Week After Launch

03 December 2018 Launch Success, ICEYE-X2 SAR Satellite Communications Established

08 November 2018 ICEYE-X2 SAR Satellite to Be Launched on Upcoming Spaceflight SSO-A: SmallSat Express Mission

22 August 2018 ECM Space Joins ICEYE’s Launch Provider Portfolio

24 May 2018 ICEYE Raises $34M in Series B Financing and Confirms Nine Satellite Launches by End of 2019

25 April 2018 Ursa to Extract Oil Demand Information from ICEYE’s Satellite Data

26 March 2018 ICEYE and European Space Agency Announce Partnership to Change the Future of Earth Observation

16 March 2018 Aker Arctic and ICEYE to Provide Satellite Based Ice Information

07 March 2018 ICEYE Announces Agreement with KSAT for Maritime and Ice Monitoring Data

17 January 2018 First ICEYE-X1 Radar Image from Space Published

12 January 2018 ICEYE Successfully Launches World’s First SAR Microsatellite and Establishes Finland’s First Commercial Satellite Operations

20 November 2017 ICEYE Announces Award with DIUx for Earth Observation Data Support Services

30 October 2017 ICEYE Grows Global Operations with Expansion Into the U.S.

13 October 2017 ICEYE Expands European Operations with Addition of Poland Office

25 September 2017 ICEYE Secures $1.2M in Funding from European Seraphim Capital

23 August 2017 ICEYE Raises $13M in Additional Financing to Develop SAR Microsatellite Constellation

12 November 2015 Space technology startup Iceye raises $2.8 million Series A

01 September 2015 ICEYE Granted 2.4M Euros from European Union's Horizon 2020 SME Instrument