Stripmap High Imaging Mode

Worldwide Acquisition of 0.5 Meter Slant Range Resolution Radar Imagery

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Down to 0.5 Meter Resolution Stripmap High Imagery on-Demand

Benefit from a finer slant range resolution of ICEYE Stripmap imagery.

The ICEYE Stripmap High imaging mode provides slant range resolution of 0.5m and an azimuth resolution of 2.5 to 3m depending on incidence angle. The product will be available as a slant range complex image, for precise target analysis and also in the ground range. For convenience, the ground range product is multi-looked in range and azimuth to provide a standard 3m x 3m with improved speckle reduction.

ICEYE Stripmap High imagery is now operationally available for acquisition worldwide.


ICEYE Stripmap HIGH Imaging Mode Parameters

Parameter Stripmap High
Nominal swath width 30 km
Nominal product length

50 km

Incidence angle 15-30 deg
NESZ <- 17 db
AASR & RASR <- 21 db
SLC, slant range resolution [m] 0.5 
SLC, azimuth resolution [m] 2.5 - 3.0 
SLC, range spacing [m] 0.4
SLC, azimuth spacing [m] 1.4 - 1.7
GRD, ground range resolution [m] 3.0
GRD, azimuth resolution [m] 3.0

GRD, ground range spacing [m]

GRD, azimuth spacing [m] 2.5
Looks 1-3 (ra), 1-4 (az)
ESA Copernicus Contributing
Mission (CCM) Resolution Class
Polarization VV



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Stripmap High Imaging Mode

In Stripmap High mode, the ground swath is illuminated with a continuous sequence of pulses while the antenna beam is fixed in elevation and azimuth. In this mode the transmitted pulse bandwidth is set to be the maximum of 300MHz.

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The dataset includes 2 Stripmap High images of  San Francisco, California, USA & Egbolom, Nigeria