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Spotlight High Imaging Mode

On-Demand Acquisition of Spotlight High 25CM Radar Imagery

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High Resolution Spotlight Imagery on-Demand

ICEYE Spotlight High 25 cm SAR imagery enables users to gain extensive insights from high resolution satellite imagery - delivered up to multiple times per day.

With Spotlight High, ICEYE SAR data achieves the finest resolution classification of the European Copernicus program, VHR1,  provided by larger, conventional commercial SAR satellites operating at their highest performance.
Following standard industry definitions, the native slant plane resolution is 25 cm in azimuth direction, and 50 cm in range direction, before ground-plane adjustments are applied.
ICEYE Spotlight High imagery is now operationally available for acquisition worldwide.



ICEYE Spotlight HIGH Imaging Mode Parameters

Parameter Spotlight High
Nominal swath width 5 km
Nominal product length

5 km

Look angles 20-35 deg
NESZ <- 17 db
AASR & RASR <- 21 db
SLC, slant range resolution [m] 0.5
SLC, azimuth resolution [m] 0.25
SLC, range spacing, [m] 0.4
SLC, azimuth spacing [m] 0.15
GRD, ground range resolution [m] 1
GRD, azimuth resolution [m] 1

GRD, ground range spacing [m]

GRD, azimuth spacing [m] 0.5
Looks 4(az)
ESA Copernicus Contributing
Mission (CCM) Resolution Class
Polarization VV



Learn More About ICEYE Imaging Modes

Spotlight High Imaging Mode

To obtain 25 cm Spotlight High SAR imagery, an ICEYE satellite illuminates a location for a period of 10 seconds, after which the ICEYE processor compounds that data into a single  image.

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The dataset includes 2 Spotlight High images of London, UK & Escondida Mine, Chile taken with ICEYE satellites