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Spotlight Imaging Mode

On-Demand Acquisition of Spotlight 1x1 Meter Radar Imagery

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Very High Resolution Spotlight Imagery on-Demand

Spotlight radar imagery from ICEYE with 1x1 meter spatial resolution is  available for orders.

In Spotlight imaging mode, the scene size is 5 x 5 kilometers (Width x Length). Spotlight imagery is especially suitable for detecting small changes in complex environment,  such as urban, e.g damage extent of an individual building, as well as for target detection and monitoring at sea and land, which is highly relevant for security and defense applications.  


ICEYE Spotlight Imaging Mode Parameters

Parameter Spotlight 
Nominal swath width 5 km
Nominal product length

5 km

Look angles 20-35 deg
NESZ <- 17 db
AASR & RASR <- 17 db
SLC, slant range resolution [m] 0.6 (300 MHz)
SLC, azimuth resolution [m] 1 m
SLC, range spacing, [m] 0.4 m
SLC, azimuth spacing [m] 0.35 - 0.7 m
GRD, ground range resolution 1
GRD, azimuth resolution 1

GRD, ground range spacing

GRD, azimuth spacing 0.5
Polarization VV



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Spotlight Imaging Mode

In Spotlight mode, mechanical antenna steering in the azimuth direction is used to increase the illumination time, resulting in an increased synthetic aperture and, therefore, better azimuth resolution compared to a continuous stripmap mode.

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