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Scan Imaging Mode

On-Demand Acquisition of Scan 100 km swath Radar Imagery

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Get reliable and timely information about extensive land and sea areas from a single SAR satellite image with ICEYE Scan imaging mode. It is designed to facilitate activity pattern monitoring and change detection analysis over large areas with unprecedented frequency and coverage.

ICEYE’s new Scan imaging is particularly effective for acquiring wide coverage imagery for maritime use cases, where national security authorities and maritime safety officials require persistent visibility into large sea areas.

ICEYE is the only New Space SAR satellite provider to achieve wide-area imaging, with up to a 100-times larger area coverage from the closest alternatives in the marketplace.

ICEYE Scan imagery is operationally available for acquisition worldwide.

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ICEYE_SAR_Scan_Mumbai_India_1600 (2)

This image is an ICEYE demonstration of 400 km by 100 km Scan mode imaging, acquired around the time the vessel Ever Given was released from its recent predicament, with marine traffic still queuing for their turn to pass through the Suez Canal. This 40,000 km² image covers an area of over 1500 individual Spot images.


ICEYE SCAN Imaging Mode Parameters

Parameter SCAN
Nominal swath width 100 km
Nominal product length

100 km

Look angles 21-29 deg.
NESZ  -22.2 to -21.5 dBm2 /m2
Ambiguity ratio -15 dB (az), -20 dB (rg)
GRD, ground range resolution 15 m
GRD, azimuth resolution 15 m

GRD, ground range spacing

6 m
GRD, azimuth spacing 6 m
Looks 1 (az), 2-3 (rg)
ESA Copernicus Contributing
Mission (CCM) Resolution Class
Polarization VV

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The dataset includes 2 Scan images of 100 x 100km scene size each, taken with ICEYE satellites