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Learn how ICEYE started, why ICEYE seeks to revolutionize Earth observation and apply to work on the world's toughest technological challenges.


Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ

Get answers to questions such as "What is the size of ICEYE satellites", "When is the next ICEYE satellite launch", "Who has developed ICEYE's sensor" and "What is Synthetic-Aperture Radar".


Satellite Missions

Learn more about initial 3 ICEYE satellite missions which are proof-of-concept missions which focus on demonstrating the world-first capabilities of small satellite synthetic-aperture radar technology. 



ICEYE is proud to be a forerunner in the New Space movement. Read how we approach hardware and software development, how our synthetic-aperture radar technology works, and what is the impact of ICEYE's technology.


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ICEYE is growing quickly and we are always on the lookout for curious and motivated individuals with talented minds. Visit ICEYE Careers pages to find information about all open positions, company culture and many more. 


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Take a closer look at how SAR imagery can be used to improve decision making in various industries, download examples of ICEYE SAR imagery, and find solutions to issues relevant to You and Your organisation.

Download Free ICEYE-X2 Example Data Set (orthorectified GRD)