Progressive New Space Company

“Here at ICEYE people love good ideas and are willing to take risks, and they are open to experiment and reiterate fast which makes the work environment very unique. This is why we are very progressive as a NewSpace company.”

Zainab, Pakistan


Revolutionary Approach 

“Ever since attending the Critical Design Review of the first ICEYE satellite in early 2017, I have been fascinated and impressed by ICEYE. ICEYE is developing small SAR satellites with extraordinary capabilities given their size and cost. It is truly impressive to see what has already been accomplished and to imagine what the possibilities in the future are. I believe ICEYE has the potential to truly revolutionize the SAR remote sensing market with its new approaches.”

Alan, Canada


Cultural Diversity

“Something that is really unique at ICEYE is its cultural diversity, which we are very proud of. We have employees from more than 40 different countries, who speak 30 different languages! Working in such a multicultural atmosphere is an awesome experience!”

Tapolina, India 


Dream Come True

“I used to fix jets in the Air Force, write code for spacecraft at the European Space Agency, and build combat robots. Now at ICEYE I get to do all of these things and more! I love rockets, airplanes and satellites, so my work here on building, testing and operating satellites is literally a dream come true.”

Touko, Finland



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