Mining Activity Monitoring

With SAR Satellite Data from ICEYE

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Increase Efficiency & Reduce Risks With ICEYE SAR Satellite Data

Plan resources with increased efficiency, improve safety and reduce instability risks with daily updated information on mining activities, derived from ICEYE SAR satellite data. 

Mining sites are often located in some of the most remote locations in the world, causing difficulty in successful management of labor, equipment use, and project progress overall. SAR satellite data is the key to getting the most recent and accurate information for efficient operations planning and resource management in mines. SAR satellites can acquire an image of any location on Earth, at any time, regardless of cloud cover and sunlight.


ICEYE SAR DATA FOR Remote Monitoring and Operations Management

Efficient operations management requires timely, consistent, reliable information about every activity that happens within and around the mining sites. ICEYE's constellation of  SAR satellites enables persistent monitoring of open-pit mines to support the planning and management of mineral resources. Information derived from ICEYE’s high-resolution SAR satellite imagery allows operations to be planned efficiently, enabling precise monitoring of variations in the terrain, and consequently the volume of mineral extracted.





  • Frequent monitoring of mining activities.
  • Detection of the excavation operations and the location of machinery. 
  • Monitoring of vegetation gains or losses during and after mining activities. 
  • Detection of changes of the surface water within a mining area (e.g. tailing dams, water run-off, and water bodies).
  • Detection of surface changes in relation to general mining activities, road works, and impact of vehicle movements.
  • Monitoring of land subsidence. 
  • Detection of encroachment on the mining areas and illegal or dangerous settlements.


ICEYE continues to grow its current SAR satellite constellation capacity with the objective to provide daily interferometry and coherent change detection anywhere on Earth with a 24h ground track repeat. This breaks existing barriers in collecting SAR imagery stacks for InSAR analysis, bringing the collection time down with every new satellite in the ICEYE constellation. Since 2018, ICEYE has launched commercially available SAR satellites, and the company will continue to increase the size of the commercial constellation every year.


Get the recent Spot dataset and discover the quality and suitability of ICEYE SAR satellite data for your use case.

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