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Synthetic-aperture radar is an Earth observation technology which takes pictures of both land and sea, without the need for sunlight or the need for clear skies.


ICEYE’s Synthetic-aperture radar instrument has been developed by ICEYE, using the latest technology and design philosophies in the world. ICEYE-X1, the world's first under 100 kg SAR satellite to deliver on orbit images from space, was launched in January 2018, marking a new era for the synthetic-aperture radar imaging industry. By design, it is a platform agnostic instrument, meaning it can also be integrated into systems other than spacecraft, such as airplanes.


"SAR on smallsats? Unthinkable a few years ago. ICEYE has done it."
- Josef Aschbacher, Director of Earth Observation, European Space Agency.


As the SAR instrument design of ICEYE actively incorporates components commercially available off-the-shelf as a natural part of the process, ICEYE is able to push the boundaries of what was previously thought possible. By incorporating a New Space approach, ICEYE has been able to reach a necessary technological threshold of surviving the harsh environment of space, without being limited to technology created many years ago.

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