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Joining the partnership with ICEYE, you have full freedom to determine any of the Low Earth Orbits for your mission requirements. 

Small SAR satellites from ICEYE are built with  Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) equipment also with New Space technology. With this advantage in your palm, finding any low-cost launching services that best fit your expected orbits is now under your full control. 

Sat Data - constellation

Choose Your Launch

ICEYE SAR satellites are integrated into the launch vehicle of Your choosing, at the location and time of Your choosing.

As ICEYE SAR satellites have a launch mass of under 100 kg, rideshare models provide a cost-effective method of delivering Your satellite to orbit.


Choose Your Orbit

As the chosen rideshare launch vehicle may not always deliver the satellite to Your preferred orbit, ICEYE SAR satellites utilize ion thrusters to maneuver the spacecraft into different orbits.
This is an incredibly cost-effective method of delivering satellites into the required orbit.


Get Your Staff Well-trained

ICEYE provide the required full training for your satellite operators.
In these initial trainings, personnel is trained to manage and task Your satellite on orbit, and to turn the downlinked data into your preferred format for analysis.

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