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Best Tailored Ground Infrastructure for Your Missions

ICEYE provides customized ground segment solutions to facilitate the managing the satellite health and operations, tasking and collection, direct downlink of data, image processing, geospatial analysis and archiving of imagery derived value-add products, all in just one place. This simplifies project communication and speed up progress while limiting the parties involved to minimize risk.

System - SAR Data - Satellite System

ICEYE Dedicated Ground Segment Enable You to:

  • Monitor and maintain the satellite health and operations, tasking and acquisition, direct downlink of data, image processing and analysis, and archive imagery derived value-add products
  • Possess a centralized private processing and archiving infrastructure will be put in place for all data and information acquired.
  • access to the ICEYE small SAR satellite constellation providing the basis for ongoing collaboration, partnership and shared intelligence.

ICEYE offers full and comprehensive training, ground support, associated infrastructure and ongoing technical consultancy aligned to your exacting operational requirements.

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