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For Governments & Large Organisation users to attain unprecedented satellite imaging capability, we offer Cost-efficient Sovereign SAR Imaging Capacity to meet the needs with our pioneering approach to space technology.

System - Sovereign - Cost-efficient System

Building a lasting Earth Observation Legacy for You, by You

Single satellite access is inadequate to address the coverage and frequent revisit necessary to address today’s rapidly changing environments faced by governments and commercial entities. ICEYE offers the partnership opportunity with a Small Synthetic Aperture Radar Satellite Program, which provides you with unique insight into what improvements are needed to make radar imagery even more useful in the completion of your Mission objectives. This powerful program will allow you the opportunity to acquire your own SAR satellites and participate in the ICEYE Constellation.

A complete program is envisaged, including requirement definition, participation in preliminary and critical design reviews, interface and environmental testing, launch campaign, and in-space initialization and operations, which illustrate how we can partner on a step by step journey to our ultimate goal of supplying and supporting your own mission and subsequent in-country SAR program capability.



Key Benefits

Sovereign - Ground Segment
Customised Ground Segment

Joining the partnership with ICEYE and you will have your ground segment infrastructure fully tailored for your mission requirements with ICEYE world-class professional services.

Sovereign - Free Data
Free Data Access

Participation in the SAR X-Sovereign program grants the customer free access to ICEYE’s proprietary and hosted algorithms.

Sovereign - Constellation
Access to ICEYE Constellation

Customer gets access to continuously growing SAR constellation exclusively developed by ICEYE.



Take full control over your satellite missions in the most cost-effective way

ICEYE is the first organization in the world to successfully launch synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) satellites with a launch mass under 100 kg. With the massive reduction in the size of small SAR satellite, ICEYE successfully made the cost to launch satellite missions decrease significantly. 

Our New space approach, world first aerospace capabilities, strategic partnerships and capacity to provide the whole solution allows us to tailor a bespoke solution to meet your needs.

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