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Enhanced security with in house analytics capacity

ICEYE On-premise Analytical Tools provide you with the latest SAR analytics techniques, enabling fast and accurate data analysis for actionable information.  

ICEYE empower you to achieve your mission objectives by providing the best quality of satellite image analytics solutions. We ensure you are able to effectively and reliably put your analytics technology to work towards successfully exploiting your satellite missions with the least concern of data loss or security breaches.


Analytics Tools Available Directly on ICEYE Infrastructure

Object detection tools
  • Ship detection
  • Oil platform detection
Segmentation Tools
  • Agriculture fields segmentation
  • Oil spill segmentation
Change detection tools
  • Parking lot fill rates
  • Flood footprint classification
InSAR Tools
  • Ground subsidence tracking
  • Soil disturbance detection
Download Free ICEYE SLC Data Set 2

The data set features urban and mining sites of Australia and the US

Download SLC data