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Breaking the Barrier from Acquisition to Downlink for SAR Imaging

ICEYE has a comprehensive coverage of ground station network around the World, which ensures instant access to and direct downlink data acquired from its constellation. This advantage ensure you with rapid imaging, downlinking and processing required for your misisons in a timely and reliable manner. 


Operation Upgrade for Your Ground Segment

Joining ICEYE GS Network is Your effortless solution 

  • Multiple Ground Station Network Partners
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Instant Access
  • Existing Security and Delivery Processes, Fast implementation
  • Low risk with high service level



Existing Customer Antenna Utilization

ICEYE also fully support this upgrade model and ensure your Ground segment well equipped and connected to our network for direct tasking and downlinking. We evaluate and prepare utilization of Your current antenna for Your SAR satellite mission.

Key benefits:

  • Limit or avoid additional infrastructure costs
  • Fast implementation
  • Processing for land and maritime situational awareness
  • Low risk with high service level
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