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Ground Segment Upgrades

With ICEYE Upgrade modules for Ground segment, now you can ensure the ground infrastructure of your satellite missions is well-equipped with the latest space technology.

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A Cost-effective Way for Your System Upgrade

Government agencies, defense and commercial organizations need unique solutions for effectively managing and executing their satellite missions including infrastructure upgrade to achieve more and more challenging objectives for their missions. In addition to re-using current infrastructure to meet the new challenge, decision-makers in this field also require upgrade involves the replacement of other ground segment hardware or software with the most advanced technology. ICEYE provides customized ground segment upgrade solution to meet the needs.

The upgrade option from ICEYE also provides an unprecedented timeline from image acquisition, downlink, data processing to delivery as fast as in 15 minutes. Your in-house team got well-trained with SAR data processing and analysis for the sake of fulfilling your Mission objectives. ICEYE offers full and comprehensive training, ground support, associated infrastructure and ongoing technical consultancy aligned to your exacting operational requirements.

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