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Aerial SAR Imaging Campaigns

Aerial SAR Imaging Campaigns for your mapping projects with comprehensive training data from ICEYE, anywhere and anytime.

System - Ground Segment - Airborne System

Compact Airborne Solution for Your Diversified Needs of Remote Sensing

Government organizations and commercial enterprises require hi-resolution radar imagery and on-demand services for their topographic change mapping, urban traffic speed measurements, forest height, biomass and soil moisture mapping, or glacier flow velocity maps, anywhere and at any time.

State of the art airborne SAR instruments developed by ICEYE are capable of delivering high quality SAR data with extremely high resolution, combined with polarimetric, interferometric, as well as multi-spectral imaging modes. The Airborne Imaging service from ICEYE also ensures that the sensor and antennas are easily be installed inside the aircraft's fuselage, at the least costly and time-consuming manner.



Key Features

  • Selected Countries
  • Fast Response
  • X-Band SAR Imaging, high resolution
  • World-class professional services
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