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For Governments and Large Organisations, ICEYE provides direct Customized Capacity to meet the needs with the pioneering approach to space technology.

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Making The Right Decision

Decision making in governance and business is hard enough as-is. Double it with the lack of crucial Earth Observation (EO) data, and you end up in a situation where risks are bound to materialize and potential success is missed.

For commercial operations, the impact of timely & reliable data exactly when you need it can become a matter of either making or losing millions of dollars.

For governments, incorrect decisions or failing to act sufficiently when it is needed risks at worst irreparable damage to our societies and our environments, and at best delays much needed developments. Reliable and timely earth observation data is needed to support many government organisations to fulfill their mission



Key Benefits

Capacity Partner - Revisit
Unmatched Revisits

Access to the ICEYE SAR satellite constellation provides You with the opportunity to image Your locations of interest multiple times per day.

Capacity Partner - Solutions

When you need reliable imaging, Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) technology is the best fitting choice. ICEYE SAR satellite constellation imaging is not limited by weather conditions, cloud cover, or sunlight.

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Fast Delivery

ICEYE’s development and business processes have been created with a keen focus on speed to delivery to make it easier for our customers.



Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging as Your Solution

Identifying what happens in maritime environments and on the ground spanning thousands of square kilometers requires the right instruments. Radar satellite data is the best solution for you when frequent, timely and reliable information over large areas is needed. 

Reliable and frequently imaged radar satellite data has traditionally been problematic to order or prohibitively expensive to governments, NGOs and commercial operators. Thanks to ICEYE, this is no more the reality. ICEYE provides SAR imaging with the newest small SAR satellite capabilities, ensuring cost-effectiveness and provision of the data of high quality.

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