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Timely Detect and Prevent Illegal Mining Activities With Radar Satellite Monitoring

Make sure you have the proper tools to quickly and precisely detect illegal mining sites and activities, and take immediate actions before things go too far. 

ICEYE Persistent Mining Activity Monitoring provides governments an advanced tool to immediately and accurate detect illegal mines, enabling fast response  and effective follow-up of social and environmental impacts for restoration effort. 

ICEYE Solution enables the efficient management of risks from illegal mining activities relating to deadly operational failures, social and environmental threats for the surrounding ecosystem. Governments are able to preserve and efficiently manage national natural resources, reducing economy loss from illegal activities.


ICEYE Mining Activity Monitoring Solution Provides

  • Frequent monitoring of large land areas for illegal mines detection with radar satellites
  • Instant notification on possible illegal mining sites
Download Free ICEYE SLC Dataset 

The dataset features port of Port Hedland, Australia, and port of Gdansk, Poland