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Claims processing

Build the foundations for modern claims excellence by using accurate and timely data to expedite your claims process, reduce costs and enhance customer loyalty.

Exceed customer expectations

Transform your customer's experience by shifting from a reactive & slow claims process to an expedient, highly automated, proactive approach with the customer at the center.


Enhance and automate claims

Getting access to ICEYE’s near real-time hazard data can holistically improve your claims workflow and customer interaction model.


Manage field resources better

With ICEYE, you can reduce peak resource needs during an event, as well as limit the amount of touchpoints from claims adjusters and optimize third-party resources after a disaster.


Improve customer service

We enable our customers to proactively communicate with their policyholders before, during, and after a natural catastrophe event, providing a quick and agile customer experience.


Reduce fraud

With the ongoing monitoring of sites, including pre- and post-repair change detection, our technology is helping fraud prevention and property protection valuation.


Pay policyholders faster

Relying on ICEYE’s accurate hazard and damage data, pay your policyholders faster and automate claims payments in highly impacted areas, ensuring customers get back up and running as quickly as possible.


Reduce expenses

By seamlessly integrating ICEYE data, insurers can improve their efficiency and significantly reduce their loss-related expenses.

“By combining Swiss Re’s risk knowledge with ICEYE’s data, we will be able to further expand our capabilities in geo and remote sensing. The partnership will enable us to develop solutions, advance our services to the benefit of our clients and enable faster claims payouts.”

Pranav Pasricha

Global Head of P&C Solutions, Swiss Re

The opportunity

Claims automation

Our clients use ICEYE data to streamline back office processing, accurately triaging losses post-event and ensuring swift settlements for genuine claimants.

Procactive approach

ICEYE clients are able to validate and process a high proportion of property damage claims remotely, even before loss notifications are received.

Repair and restore

Improve customer satisfaction and prevent claims inflation with super fast payouts, helping policyholders get back on their feet as quickly as possible.

Prevent fraud and litigation

Our clients are able to avoid disputes (e.g. wind or water?) and quickly identify and deny fraudulent claims thanks to the high degree of accuracy of ICEYE's hazard data.

Subrogation and recovery

By tracking minute changes in human activity or within the environment, ICEYE is uniquely-placed to establish causation, enabling successful subrogation and recovery from third parties.

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