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Quickly Estimate the Damage to the Insured Property Caused By Flood

Improve accuracy and timelines of insurance claims calculation by responding to urban floods near-immediately with reliable and timely radar satellite data.

By receiving near real-time information on which urban areas are flooded, you are able to quickly assess the damage to the insured property. Quick and accurate evaluation of the damage extent enables you to calculate insurance coverage compensations within a minimal time-frame.   


Radar Satellite Data Speeds Up Urban Floods Response

ICEYE  offers persistent radar satellite monitoring of flood-affected areas during deluges. Radar satellites are capable of acquiring high resolution images of the Earth surface, regardless of cloud cover and limited daylight conditions, enabling reliable delivery of information about flooded regions. Radar satellite data is suitable for flood detection in complex environments, such as urban.

ICEYE provides water impact area analysis, peak water depth, and water depth per property. A yearly monitoring service gives an opportunity to prepare for the worst, and react fast when speed is of the essence.



ICEYE Urban Flood Monitoring Solution Provides

  • Detailed flood extent map, which may also serve as an input for flood prediction models
  • Accurate flood depth estimation per individual property damaged by water



Download ICEYE Solutions Materials for Insurance Industry

Download Free ICEYE SLC Dataset 

The dataset features port of Port Hedland, Australia, and port of Gdansk, Poland