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Calculate Insurance Losses & Respond Quickly To The Flood Event

Improve accuracy of insurance claims calculation and respond to urban flood immediately with reliable and timely radar satellite data.

The provision of timely and accurate information about the flood-affected urban areas contributes to damage and insurance loss estimation. The data enables to make precise and quick calculations to determine the insurance coverage compensation amount.  

ICEYE flood mapping service provides persistent, near-real-time monitoring of affected areas during flood events regardless of weather and daylight conditions, especially in complex environments, such as urban.


Earth Observation Data Provides Key Metrics for Flood Analysis

ICEYE provides peak water depth and water impact area analysis on the pre-selected areas. A yearly monitoring service provides the opportunity to prepare for the worst, and react fast when speed is of the essence.

The ICEYE Urban Flood Monitoring Solution is based on satellite imaging of selected areas for reference at set intervals and imaging the same areas immediately after and during flooding. The imagery shows areas before flooding for easier referencing, and enables you to make better decisions when they count the most. The flood analysis is based on topographic information and active imaging during flooding to provide the comprehensive visibility into the areas of interest.

Timely and reliable Earth Observation (EO) data enables governments and organisations to react rapidly and sufficiently to disasters of many varieties. The information can also facilitate water managers, urban and infrastructure planners / policy makers in making better decisions to effectively respond to the incidents and improve mitigation measures.



ICEYE Urban Flood Monitoring Solution Provides

  • Mapping flood extent during a flood event, e.g. extreme rainfall, hurricane, monsoon
  • Estimation of loss rate for insurance / reinsurance providers
  • Accurate estimation of individual property damage caused by flood 
  • Report to Disaster Management organizations to provide situational awareness of the flooding event to direct the rescue efforts
  • Flood extent serves as input for flood prediction models



Download ICEYE Solutions Materials for Insurance Industry

Download Free ICEYE SLC Dataset 1

The dataset features agricultural and urban areas of Brazil and Italy

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