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Accurate and Timely Flood Depth and Extent Estimation

Develop highly competitive parametric insurance products with frequent and reliable radar satellite data.

Flood risks are largely underinsured in developing and developed countries. For insurance and reinsurance companies the annual fluctuation of flood generated losses means risks that must be balanced with extremely high competitiveness in flood insurance products.

ICEYE Flood Extent & Persistent Index Solution provides near-real-time, persistent monitoring of affected areas during flood events regardless of weather and daylight conditions. ICEYE’s customized analysis services provides a reliable basis for analyzing flood information for insurance decision makers.


ICEYE Flood Extent & Persistent Index Solution Provides

  • Mapping flood extent during a flood event, e.g. extreme rainfall, hurricane, monsoon
  • Investigate and estimate loss rate for insurance/reinsurance providers
  • Report to Disaster Management organizations to provide situational awareness of the flooding event to direct the rescue efforts
  • Flood extent serves as input for flood prediction models
  • Estimation of water depth
  • Early assessment and identification of areas that most likely will suffer from floods in the future



Download ICEYE Solutions Materials for Insurance Industry

Download Free ICEYE SLC Dataset 1

The dataset features agricultural and urban areas of Brazil and Italy 

Download SLC data