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ICEYE SAR satellites – rapidly delivered

Take full control of your missions with the world’s only rapidly-delivered SAR satellite system. Our high-performance and agile SAR satellites enable 24/7, all-weather Earth observation, delivering precise, high-resolution imagery.

Pioneering new space

ICEYE SAR satellites are purpose-built with the most advanced technology to deliver the highest possible imaging performance. They’re also lighter, more flexible and more affordable than legacy systems, giving governments and organizations the opportunity to own their own fleet of satellites. Operating a fleet, rather than 1 or 2 satellites, enables greater target revisits, coverage, and operational flexibility. Our satellites can be launch-ready very quickly and we offer full launch services, training, and support, plus access to additional data from our own constellation. ICEYE is the only organization in the world today able to deliver this groundbreaking and proven capability.



The only rapidly-made spacecraft solution

Own one or more of the latest-generation of ICEYE SAR satellites. With a production line in place, we are the only organization in the world to offer high-precision, rapidly-made SAR satellites.



Traditionally, SAR satellite missions have used large and expensive platforms carrying massive payloads. Our innovative SAR system is a miniaturized, active flat-panel phased array sensor mounted on a small satellite platform, enabling agile frequent imaging of any AOI and making our SAR satellites powerful and affordable by design.



Our unique satellite and antenna design lets you take a wide range of operational approaches. By mechanically maneuvering the satellite and electronically steering the radar beam, you can quickly and easily scan large areas in low resolution and zoom in at high resolution when needed.


Operational, proven, trusted

We’ve launched 25 satellites since 2018 with 15+ more planned for 2024 and beyond. As the only new space company with the proven ability to design, build and supply new-era SAR Earth observation satellites, we are already trusted by governments and organizations across the globe.


Our constellation at your service

extend your coverage with data

Extend your operational capacity with data from our constellation of SAR satellites. Acquire images of your areas of interest while you wait for delivery of your own satellites or enhance your capacity when needed.

Credit: SpaceX

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