Building the World's Most Extensive SAR Satellite Constellation

ICEYE-X1ICEYE-X2July Launch 2019

A SAR Satellite Constellation to Help Improve Your Decision Making

ICEYE is building a constellation of SAR satellites to support a service level where any location on Earth can be reliably imaged every few hours. ICEYE is committed to providing this service level by further developing and updating the ICEYE SAR satellite constellation on a frequent basis with new satellite models.


ICEYE's mission is to enable everyone to make better decisions, in a variety of industries, based on timely and reliable Earth observation data.


ICEYE’s living constellation ensures that there will always be a necessary amount of satellites available to provide reliable and timely data to customers. In addition to its satellites, ICEYE’s constellation approach ensures a sufficient ground station access and data processing capabilities are in place to support this newly available reliable and timely data stream.

The initial ICEYE satellite missions are proof-of-concept missions which focus on demonstrating the world-first capabilities of small satellite synthetic-aperture radar technology. ICEYE-X1, the world’s first SAR satellite under 100 kg, was successfully launched in January 2018.

ICEYE’s approach to building a constellation of SAR satellites is to seek out commercial launch missions, both from current and new launch providers, to support the required imaging service level for ICEYE.




The World's First SAR Satellite Under 100 kg in Launch Mass

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ICEYE-X2 - Continuous Advancements in Small Satellite SAR

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July Launch 2019

July Launch 2019 - Growing In-Orbit Capacity of SAR Satellites. Simultaneous launch of 2 ICEYE SAR satellites. 

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