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ICEYE Data Packages: Service Timelines

ICEYE SAR Constellation enables to monitor any location on Earth any time

Fast service timeline and thorough data quality assurance by ICEYE specialists ensure that you get the most accurate data on time.

You can buy ICEYE SAR data by contacting sales and submitting your data order. Before placing the request, please make sure that you have the following information: Area of Interest, required number of frames, and required image delivery date. After you submit the order and it is being confirmed, the acquired imagery will be delivered to you on agreed timelines. 

New Image Tasking Order Flow
Service - Customer Request
Customer Request

New image orders with specifications, such as area of interest (AOI), inclination angles and  image delivery data, are submitted via email.

Service - Order
Order Feasibility & Confirmation

Once received, the order is treated within 24h using the provided imaging parameters to find the best option for image acquisition. 

Service - Imaging
Image Acquisition

Once acquisition scenario is confirmed, acquisition event is planned. Images is acquired. 

Service - Downlink
Image Downlinking & Processing 

The image is downlinked, data is decoded and processed. Quality Control is done by ICEYE analysts. 

Service - Delivery SFTP
Image Delivery via SFTP

The frames are to be delivered to customers via an assigned SFTP server, within 8h after the data was downlinked. ICEYE offers faster delivery times for customers that require near-realtime data. 


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