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The World's First Small SAR satellite constellation.

Individual ICEYE SAR satellites form a constellation that enables unmatched imaging revisit rates on a global scale. ICEYE’s SAR satellite constellation provides different angle imaging multiple times a day for specified areas of interest. ICEYE SAR constellation is constantly growing and will provide previously unavailable imaging capabilities and access, allowing quick tactical acquisitions as well as very frequent global revisit rates. Each satellite unit continues to introduce individual improvements on the system.

Status of the ICEYE Constellation

Constellation - Satellites
Several New Satellites Each Year

ICEYE continues to grow its SAR satellite constellation each year. Currently, the company successfully delivers data to customers worldwide from its commercial constellation of satellites. ICEYE has contracted launches for several new units over the next years. The pace at which new satellites are launched is built around the market needs both in data and information services.

Constellation - Change Detection
Orbit Optimized for Change Detection

The ICEYE SAR satellite constellation is planned to be in orbit in several different inclinations. ICEYE continues to grow its current SAR satellite constellation capacity with the objective to provide daily interferometry and coherent change detection anywhere on Earth with a 24h ground track repeat.

Constellation - Operational Needs
SAR Data that Suits Your Operational Need

X-band radar imaging is available at 0.25 meter resolution as Spot, 3 meter resolution as Strip and 15 meter resolution Scan.

ICEYE Constellation Specifications

Features  ICEYE SAR Satellite Constellation 2021
Imaging and Polarization X-band SAR, VV polarization
Resolution 0.25 m / 3 m / 15 m
Dynamic Range 16 bit
Imaging Modes

Spot, Strip, Scan

Georeferencing  Under 10 meters (both azimuth and range)
Communications (downlink)  X-band radio, 140 Mbits/s
Product Formats 

SLC, GRD for Spot and Strip.

GRD for Scan

Ground Track Repeat 24 hours (demonstrated capability)

Get the recent Spot dataset and discover the quality of SAR data taken with ICEYE's SAR satellite constellation.

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