ICEYE-X3 - Scaling Up Manufacturing To Deploy the World's Largest SAR Satellite Constellation

ICEYE’s overall mission is to enable better decision making for everyone by providing timely and reliable Earth observation data. To achieve that goal, the company develops its own synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) sensor technologies suitable for satellites under 100kg in weight. 

ICEYE-X3 features ICEYE SAR sensor technology which has been further improved from the previous ICEYE-X1 and ICEYE-X2 missions. The satellite is capable of imaging at up-to 1x1 meter resolution with X-band radar. As part of increasing the speed at which ICEYE's satellites are manufactured, portions of the ICEYE-X3 structure are manufactured by a third party, while the proprietary SAR sensor is developed and manufactured by ICEYE.

ICEYE-X3 mission is to be launched during 2019.

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